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Skylights windows are an elegant feature of your home and they should be treated as such! Our cellular skylight shades will prevent heat from leaving your home and give you much needed insulation. Our Balcony “Basic” Skylight system is built for smaller sized skylight shades, while our Daylight “Heavy” Duty shades are for larger skylight openings.

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    Skylight windows are a mesmerizing interior feature, and should be celebrated as such! When left untreated, they let heat escape from your home in cold months.   During warm months, UV rays can turn your home into an oven. A solution for your untreated windows is our Balcony basic skylight single cell light filtering shades. These shades will...

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    Having an untreated skylight window inside your home is a mixed blessing. While it allows you to light up your home in ways many cannot, it also lets UV rays in and allows heat to escape at the same time. The solution to your untreated skylight windows? Our Balcony basic skylight single cell blackout shades. This window treatment provides insulation when...

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    Skylight windows are breathtaking; they add an extra element of elegance to improve the décor of your home.  Unfortunately, when skylights are left untreated, the sun can bring the room to uncomfortably hot levels in the summer.  In the winter, heat quickly escapes through the glass. In all seasons, an untreated skylight window runs the...

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    Out of all the features in your home, your skylight window is perhaps the most unique! However, there is one problem with having an uncovered skylight window.  It lets the heat slip outside of your home.  A large opening on the ceiling means that heat escapes in the winter and the AC works overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature in the...

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    One scientific fact most everyone remembers from childhood is that heat rises. Imagine all the heat that your home generates rising up and hitting your ice-cold skylight – it is literally going right out the window.  Even if your regular windows are insulated, the heat will just as easily escape from an untreated skylight.  As a company...

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    Your skylight is an awesome feature of your home, and you’re lucky to have it. The only problem is, in terms of insulation, it’s essentially a big hole in the roof where energy escapes and harmful sunlight pours in unchecked. Our Daylight heavy duty double cell light filtering shade provides top-quality insulation for large-sized openings. It...

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