Customer Shade Reviews & Comments

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Our Customers Love Their Shades!

Rec'd our blackout double cellular shade and installed it yesterday. Wow, it is nice and the fit is great. We were also pleased with how dark our daughter’s room was last night. Installation was also a breeze. Was also impressed w/ how well it was packaged for shipping. My 11 month old had her longest nap ever today and I think it was because her room was so much darker than normal.

- Bill, Ohio

I have to tell you, they are absolutely wonderful, and the installation was so much simpler than other shades/blinds I have installed. The color was just right too. I was a little worried about ordering shades on line, but now that I've found you, you will certainly get my future business. Thank you for your product! I will be ordering more shades as our remodeling progresses.

- Susan, Wyoming

Once again, perfection. I love the cordless more dog or cat worries about tails getting caught in cords! Feel free to use my remarks. I am a three time return customer!

- Joy, Connecticut

I recently received the cellular shades with side tracks. Installation was super easy and the shades fit perfect! We noticed right away that we seriously went from the heat turning on at least once an hour, to maybe once every 6 hours. We are amazed! I can't wait to see how much we're saving! Thanks again.

- Andrew, New York

Couldn't believe it. The shades were here the very next day on my doorstep. How did you do that? Thanks.

- Harry, New York

The shades arrived and are now installed. They look perfect. This is the best way to purchase cell shades.

- Patricia, Virginia

The process was fairly simple after all! It was definitely an advantage to be able to simply e-mail details of my issue to your company, wait for your diagnostic reply and arrival of the new clutch, watch the video and make the replacement! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful customer service! Regards."

- T Blen Parker, Maine