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Cellular Window Shades - value priced Symphony Shade window treatments

Cellular Window Shades

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Cellular Window Shades

Symphony Double Cellular Light Filtering Fabric

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R-Value: 4.6
With Sidetracks: 5.1

Perfect for:
Living Rooms
Family Rooms
Entry Ways

Available Upgrades:
Top Down/Bottom Up
Smoothy Continuous Cord
ComforTrack Plus Sidetrack
Skylight Shades
Arch Shades

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Light Filtering Double Cell Double Cell Shade Sideview and Bottom Rail Blue Double Cell Shades in living room Double Cell Shade

Symphony Double Cellular Light Filtering Shades feature a 3/8" double honeycomb design, which diffuse light and reduce glare.


  • Light Diffusing material gently filters light, reducing glare. Perfect for all rooms. Double cellular construction, beauty, function and value. Higher energy efficiency than other competitive cellular shades. Outstanding shading coefficient.

  • Light Filtering Fabrics block 100% of UV Rays, protecting your art and furnishings.

  • Pleat Retention: Crisp 3/8” double honeycomb cellular construction will not sag and/or flatten. No exposed internal cords as happens with pleated shades.

  • Non-woven Bonded Polyester Fabric: Easy care, highly durable, washable, dust resistant and will not fray or fade.

  • Compact Stacking Height: When the shade is raised, its stack is compact and unobtrusive (see details on FAQ page)

  • Limited Lifetime Fabric Warranty: Our commitment to your satisfaction.

  • Double Cellular Construction: Dramatically enhanced performance. Increased energy efficiency over Duette Classic.

  • White to the outside: Uniform off-white (neutral) color to the outside for a neutral street-side appearance.

  • This fabric is GreenGuard certified by Comfortex – which means they do not reduce indoor air quality as some fabrics can.


Shade Stack Height of
Symphony 3/8” Double Cellular Light Filtering Shades
(Includes rails, fabric and bottom rail)

Lift Type

48” H

72” H

84” H

96” H


2 1/4”

2 3/4”


3 1/4”

(TopDown/ Bottom up)

2 7/8”

3 1/4”

3 1/2”

3 5/8”

Smoothy Cord Loop
(Continuous Cord)

3 1/8”

3 1/2”

3 3/4”

3 7/8”


3 1/8”

3 1/2”

3 3/4”


Jessica L. in TX    Rating: 5 star rating    Date: 6/10/2011
Comment: Great fabric. Not cheap-looking like some shades and easy to care for.

Robert G. in IL     Rating: 4 star rating     Date: 6/7/2011
Comment: A little darker may have been better. (Harp)

Lynne D. in WV   Rating: 5 star rating     Date: 6/10/2011
Comment: This is my second order and I am totally pleased with ease of simply dusting and operation.

Barbara M. in WA  Rating: 5 star rating   Date: 6/20/2011
Comment: Blank

Terry K. in BC     Rating: 5 star rating    Date: 6/19/2011
Comment: Blank


Jeremy A. in Australia   Rating: 5 star rating  Date: 03/03/11
Comment: I have now got some up and they fit great, work and look excellent.


John A. in NV            Rating: 5 star rating    Date: 05/03/10
  I believe that most businesses, on line or off, could take a lesson in customer service from the team at Cellular Window Shades.


Sue A. in WY          Rating:5 star rating         Date: 03/18/09
Comment:  Although I ordered my honeycomb cellular shades in January, our bathroom was just completed and the shades were hung today. I have to tell you, they are absolutely wonderful, and the installation was so much simpler than other shades/blinds I have installed. The color was just right too. Thank you for your product! I will be ordering more shades as our remodeling progresses. I was a little worried about ordering shades on line, but now that I've found you, you will certainly get my future business.


Brett A. in NH          Rating:5 star rating     Date: 02/01/11
Comment: We love our new shades.


Joan D. in NY         Rating: 5 star rating    Date: 12/22/2010
Comment: My house is full of your shades - almost every window in my house. I love them!

Andy E. in MA         Rating: 5 star rating    Date: 04/30/10
Comment: We love the shades and do recommend them to friends. Will probably add some more to the house before winter.


John & Joan G. in NY   Rating: 5 star rating
Comment: The blinds came yesterday and I put them up this morning without a hitch. The color and fit are just right.  Nice job again.  Thanks so much for being so fast. We are having company staying in our family room this weekend, so it was all very timely. The quality is just as good as always. Thanks again to everyone involved.


Graeme H. in Australia   Rating: 5 star rating   Date: 09/30/10
Comment: Our window shades arrived one day earlier than expected. Good service, thank you, and we are most happy with the shades. They were just what we hoped they would be. (Well, there is always that slight concern with mail order) I will soon be ordering some more.


Kate J. in CT    Rating:5 star rating Date: 2/22/2011
Comment: I had forgotten what a difference the shades make in the comfort of our home.

Jackie M. in MN Rating:5 star rating Date: 1/10/2011
Comment: I received my window shades on Friday afternoon and had them up in less than 1 hour.  All weekend the temps were below zero F and my kitchen was so warm and cozy.  They look great.  What a nice product.  Good job people.


Linda P. in CT      Rating: 5 star rating Date: 01/07/11
Comment: First off I want to tell you how much we love our shades. It has made a big difference in our climate control of our room. We installed number 6 & 7 last month and now we are totally covered with cellular window shades.


John R. in WI        Rating: 5 star rating Date: 05/06/09
Comment: I received my new cellular shades and successfully installed them. Thanks for the directions and the guidance. They look great and I am very pleased with them.


Elizabeth W. in VA         Rating: 5 star rating Date: 10/20/09
Comment: The shades that ARE up and AWESOME!! I live in a mammoth pour concrete building with hundred-year old single-paned glass warehouse windows. It's kind of like having saran wrap between me and the city, even with the solar films I had applied. The shades help SO much with temperature AND noise. I LOVE them!!


Susan E. in UT      Rating: 4.5 star rating Date: 02/25/11
Comment: The window shades got here fine and they look great installed. I am expecting to be warmer tonight.


Deena G. in NM   Rating: 4.5 star rating Date: 03/15/11
Comment: We are very happy customers. Ours are side track, bottom up/top down shades, on all the windows in our house.
Purchased in about 2007.


Richard G. in CA        Rating: 4.5 star rating Date: 3/18/2011
Comment: how nice you all are; love the blinds.


Jon W. in MA          Rating: 4.5 star rating Date: 04/24/09
Comment: Many thanks for the advice. You are part of a great customer oriented company.


Gail W. in NH      Rating: 4.5 star rating Date: 2/27/2011
Comment: We have a house and office-full of your cellular window shades. 


Cindy B. in NJ    Rating:4 star rating Date: 04/08/11
Comment: Yes, not only have I had a chance to check out your samples, but i was able to order the shades and just received them yesterday! I'm very excited about them, love the color!, and can't wait until my husband installs them this weekend. thank you so much for enabling me to keep my Lenten promise of buying only products made in America!


Steven F. in NJ      Rating:4 star rating Date: 4/1/2011
Comment: Just wanted to let you know the working model has arrived.  I am very impressed with the quality.


Bruce H. in NH     Rating:4 star rating Date: 4/9/2011
Comment: The shade is fully installed and working well.  It looks nice too.


Sharon I. in VT        Rating:4 star rating Date: 12/18/2010
Comment: I received my shades; they fit great and look great.


James M. in MA      Rating:4 star rating Date: 2/2/2011
Comment: Just a suggestion -- I did not realize how much versatility is added by having shades that open from both the top and bottom. Having the two-way of opening is so useful that were I to buy the shades over again, I would consider adding that to more windows. Opening the top only is great for letting in light and maintaining privacy and it also lets you open the shade in cold weather while maintaining some of the insulation that the shades provide. I highly recommend the dual opening for bathroom windows so you can have ventilation and sun in the summer while maintaining privacy.

Elizabeth M. in NY      Rating:4 star rating Date: 2/3/2011
Comment: Hello--We received the shade today and are very pleased with it!

Cellular window shades

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Cellular Window Shades

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