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Cellular Window Shades - value priced Symphony Shade window treatments

Cellular Window Shades

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Cellular Window Shades

Window Quilts

What have other customers experienced?  
Compare other products to Symphony Shades

Window Quilt to Cellular Shade Comparison Chart


Cellular (Honeycomb)


Window Quilt

clean cell shade

Non Woven Polyester

A non woven polyester is extremely durable. It is not affected by moisture, UV, heat or cold, which are the common sources of degradation to window treatments. The fabric has a theoretical unlimited life expectancy.

We recommend Bonded Polyester so that it limits the infiltration of paritculates in the air, and a bonded poly with a high tear strength. Order samples of fabric and be sure to test them. See our section on how to compare various fabric bases.



dirty window quiltCotton based with a mylar liner

Cotton is subject to water stains and UV degradation. The mylar insert limits your cleaning options as you do not want a cleaning fluid to disolve that layer.

Cost $108 for 36x48 shade with tracks
( $68 + $41 for sidetracks)
(Blackout is $151)
$228 for 36x48 shade
( $168 + $60 for valance)
Mounting Conditions

Inside or Outside Mount

Inside mount shades are closer to the glass for better energy efficiency - the shade must be less than 4 " from the glass to be effective. Inside mounts are less likely to get damaged, less obtrusive and neater in appearance.


Compare the sizes. The large window quilt brackets will protrude into your room. The smaller cellular shade brackets are invisible when the shade is hung.

Outside mount only


Outside mounted shades take up more room and are obtrusive.

large window quilt brackets



Cellular shades do not water stain and wine, ketchup or mustard stains can literally be cleaned by spot cleaning or in some cases soaking in the tub.

Furthermore they have an anti static treatment so that dust is shed just by using them. If the shade comes out of the track it is a 10 second job to put it back in the track.


Apart from water stains (which are irreparable), and the fact you cannot clean wine or ketchup stains, the most common problem with Window Quilts is they come out of the track.

This can take 2 people up to a half hour. It requires removal of one side of the roll (which can be heavy and bulky) from the bracket, and re threading the corded edge into the track.

Ease of operation Light weight with a number of control options.

Cellular shades are very light weight. You can get a clutch driven control for large shades or even cordless shades.

Heavy with an awkward cord cleat


The "quilt" is naturally heavy so that large shades can be difficult to lift for some people.


4 Season


The light filtering cellular shade emits plenty of light and its clean good looks invite 4 season use.

Winter Only

The quilt look and the fact it makes your space darker and therefore smaller creates a psychological barrier to using a window quilt in the summer.

Appearance Virtually disappears when not in use. Tracks are inside, unobtrusive, and quickly removed.

Decorating over the cell shade is a breeze as its stack is rarely over 2" x 4". The side tracks are mounted on magnets so they can be removed in seconds and just as easily re mounted
Bulky roll and highly visible, permanent mounted tracks on the wall

The large bulky roll of the window quilt is difficult to decorate over because of its protrusion - as much as 5". The tracks are face mounted so they are quite obvious.

windowquilt shade
Insulating Power Up to 6.8 depending on window glazing.
(Black Out shades with side tracks are up to 8.2).
Up to 7.14 depending on window glazing
Appearance Hardly visible

Virtually disappears when not in use with stack about 2" x 4".
Highly Visible

Highly visible tracks on the face of your molding and a bulky roll that could be 4" to 6" in diameter.
Installation Extremely simple - see video

Because cellular shades are so simple to measure and install you can rest easy that you'll get your shades right the first time.
Requires specific window configuration and is complicated and demanding.
see video

When ordering a shade online you are taking on the risk of measuring and installing yourself which can be an expensive risk if you make a mistake.

Ordered in 1/8" increments for a perfect fit.


WQ has to be ordered in full 1" increments.

While you want to save heat and be comfortable, your windows are a critical element to your home's decor so your window shades must fit properly. Think shoes that came in only even and full sizes and E width.

Comes in over 50 colors including numerous off whites.

Windows are often the focal point of a room and so your window décor should complement and make better that window. With such a diverse range of colors you can match any decor and make sure your shades are something you will love to look at day and day out for years to come.

free color samples


Comes in 1 off white color

A note on replacing existing window shade panels:


Window Quilt Replacement layer is $11.50/sq ft so on a 36x48 shade it would be $138 for the replacement layer plus $30 shipping


A brand new cellular shade complete with energy saving sidetracks is $134 plus $5.36 shipping

When to use versus Symphony Shades


Window Quilt's R-factor of 5.8 is excellent. Window Quilts seal the window off on all four sides so they are great where there is a lot of air infiltration. However, Window Quilts are more difficult to install well, so that you will get long term maintenance free operation. The top and sides of the quilt must be in the same plane, and the shade must come down without any obstruction onto a sill, so there are times when it cannot be used.

The most common maintenance comes from the quilt coming out of its track or the fabric getting water stained. It is somewhat more expensive than Symphony shades. When down it makes the room somewhat darker.

We believe that the key to a successful insulating shade is in its ease of use and light transmitting properties. If the blind is easy to raise and lower, and it doesn't make the room too dark when down, you will use the shade effectively in summer to keep the hot out and in winter to keep the cold out. That is the key to Symphony's success.

Light Filtering Symphony may not have an R-5.8 like Window Quilt, but at 4.6 (5.1 with side tracks) it is your best value in window insulation. Symphony's easy low profile installation system allows it to be installed inside a window frame with only a " sill, and it's compact construction and light weight allow it to work effectively in almost any application.


Symphony Shades are washable, UV resistant, dust resistant and very durable. You can almost forget maintenance once you have installed a Symphony shade.


What have other customers experienced?


" We have a passive solar house with two upper clerestory window banks with horizontal solar windows approx. 76” W x 48” H nominal. They’ve had roll-up Window Quilts on Somfy rollers for 25+ years and these have been out of the tracks, shrunken and disintegrating from sun damage for at least 24 of those years. The tracks are so not forgiving of any slight misadjustment.

I’m extremely reluctant to replace with Window Quilts because they will just do the same thing again, but there’s not been other alternatives. Jammed shades are a constant aggravation in the winter because they are overhead and not accessible. What good is a “perfect seal” when you can’t keep shades in the tracks?”

Brian in WY


Cellular window shades

free ground shipping


Made in the USA
international shipping available
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Cellular Window Shades

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