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No cords?  No problem! Our cordless cellular shades and cordless top down/bottom up cellular shades, as well as motorized shades, are 100% child safe, so they’re perfect for nurseries and family rooms. Cordless cellular shades are controlled by a clear, acrylic tab for hassle-free, smooth usage, no strings attached. These sleek and stylish honeycomb shades come in double and single cell light filtering fabric and single cell blackout fabric.  They can’t be made with double cell blackout fabric at this time, but they work hard and look great so we love to keep ‘em around anyway!

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  • $151.90
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    Add extra value to your home’s interior with our sleek cordless double cell light filtering cellular shades! Our cordless honeycomb shades feature no dangling cords, making them 100% child-safe. The shades effotlessly operate by lifting and lowering the handle on the shade’s bottom bar. The light filtering fabric featured on these shades will...

  • $221.95
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    Elegance and versatility are two qualities that make cordless top down bottom double cell up light filtering cellular shades such a fine asset to any home. They are designed to offer child-safety, insulation, privacy, and a view; all while dressing up your windows and adding aesthetic value to the room. These honeycomb shades are controlled by a handle on...

  • $244.00
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    For rooms where privacy and full light control are needed, these cordless top down bottom up single cell blackout cellular shades are the perfect window treatment! They will add a nice soft touch and clean look to your home’s interior. This shade is cordless, which is child/pet safe, and the top down bottom up feature allows it to open from both top...

  • $206.95
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    Spruce up your home’s interior décor with our cordless top down bottom up single cell light filtering cellular shades. These cellular treatments will give a soft and gentle look, while reducing your energy consumption and helping you save on utility bills. Our cordless top down bottom up single cell light filtering honeycomb treatments are...

  • $136.50

    Enjoy the insulating properties of our cellular shades while improving your home’s interior décor. This single cell honeycomb cordless light filtering window treatment is perfect for homes where young children and pets are present. The cordless operation system raises and lowers the shade with a simple push and prevents potential dangers. The...

  • $173.55
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    Our cellular shades provide a distinctive look that provides the end customer energy efficiency and durability. Our cordless single cell room darkening cellular shades are best for parents with young children or those who have pets. The cordless feature of this honeycomb shade prevents potential entanglement because it raises and lowers with a simple push...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items