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  • Blackout Shades

    Blackout shades are the most energy efficient shades that we sell!  Choose from double cell or single cell depending on your insulating and budgeting requirements – both block out 99% of the light!  Blackout shades are perfect for bedrooms and media rooms and come in a variety of lift options.  Late sleepers, energy efficiency aficionados, and vampires alike can agree that blackout shades are just plain awesome.  Browse through the various blackout products below, and feel free to give us a holler if you need samples or assistance! 

  • Light Filtering Shades

    Naturally adept at converting harsh glare into a soft, delightful glow, light filtering shades are known to give the beholder the warm fuzzies – you have been warned! On top of that, both single cell and double cell light filtering fabric insulate year round and pay for themselves within about five years! The fabric is anti-static, dust repellent,washable, and easy to care for.  Both light filtering fabric types are available in a range of colors and lift types so you can have the best in design and light control. Check them out below!  

  • Cordless

    No cords?  No problem!  Our cordless and cordless top down/bottom up shades, as well as motorized shades, are 100% child safe, so they’re perfect for nurseries and family rooms.  Cordless shades are controlled by a clear, acrylic tab for hassle free, smooth usage, no strings attached.  These sleek and stylish honeycomb shades come in double and single cell light filtering fabric and single cell blackout fabric.  They can’t be made with double cell blackout fabric at this time, but they work hard and look great so we love to keep ‘em around anyway!

  • Corded

    Cords galore! Corded shades are really nifty – they’re easy to operate, economical, and stylish. There are two different cord types: standard and continuous cord loop (aka Smoothy).  Standard cords are 1.2mm in diameter and are great for average-sized window openings.  Continuous cord loops are 4mm in diameter and provide extra strength and durability for larger window openings, generally over 70” wide or long. Both cords are available with the top down/bottom up feature, too! Contact us for even more detail!

  • Top Down Bottom Up

    Who doesn’t like to have it their way? With top down/bottom up shades, you are the master of light and privacy. These shades can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom. A cord is located on each side of the shade for each direction of operation, or a tab is located on the moveable bars of cordless shades. If your window faces the street or a neighbor, or if you simply crave variety, this lift option’s got you covered.  

  • Sidetracks

    But wait, there’s more! Sidetracks are a supplementary feature that closes the gap between the shade and the window frame. This system creates greater energy savings and increased light blocking along the sides of the shade. The sidetracks are also known as “Comfortrack Plus” and come in brown or white to seamlessly blend in with the window frame. They attach with an adhesive magnetic strip and are a snap to install and remove. Sidetracks are available with double cell fabric only – see the whole lineup below.  

  • Insulating

    Year-round energy savings, draft-free rooms, and happy heating and air conditioning units are what we dream of. That is why we present to you, with great pride, our most insulating shades! The secret is in the honeycombs – every shade that leaves our facility is laden with insulating cells that insulate the window to reduce energy consumption during summer, winter, and everything in between. Symphony cellular shades have a payback period of roughly 5 years – they pay for themselves!

  • Motorized

    Our motorized shades can be controlled by handheld remote, wall switch, timer, even solar power – yet they are still easy to use, even if you struggle to turn on your television. Motorized shades are perfect for lofty windows or if you have several shades in a room that you’d rather operate simultaneously. These shades also lack any external cords so they’re 100% child safe. All motorized components come from the automation industry leader, Somfy. And best of all, they’re still hand-crafted with energy-saving Symphony fabric. Insulate in style!

  • Arches

    Nobody is perfect, but if your arch opening is an exact half-circle, then it’s perfect enough! has arches in light filtering and blackout and either moveable and stationary. If the base of your arch opening’s height is exactly half of the base, then we’ve got you covered.  If it isn’t, then you’ll need a template made. Contact us to learn more!

  • Skylights

    Skylights are the only hole in your roof you’d ever want, and fortunately we’ve got the goods to control the light and heat that transfers through! Our cellular skylight shades are designed to prevent energy loss and eliminate UV rays and unwanted glare.  The Balcony “Basic” Skylight system is easy to use and built to last!    

We offer a large collection of cellular honeycomb shades that will insulate your home for years to come! Each one of our honeycomb window shades is made right at our state-of-the-art facility right here in the U.S.A using Comfortex Symphony fabric! From cordless shades to standard shades, there are numerous options you pick to treat your windows.

Use the filters below to shop through and see the different shade options you can purchase. If you need any help throughout the purchasing process, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call one of our designers. We also offer free samples, so you can see our premium cellular products for yourself before you place your order.

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  • $78.46
    4 Review(s)

    Add insulation, style, and value to your home with standard double cell light filtering shades. This is our most economical shade – perfect for any room! These honeycomb shades pull up from the bottom and operate with a single cord. This shade offers privacy, protection from sun damage, plenty of insulation, and even creates a sound barrier, leaving...

  • $110.46
    4 Review(s)

    Some rooms are just better dark, and that’s why our standard double cell room darkening shades are simply fantastic. This shade operates on our most basic design – a pull cord on one side to lift the shade from the bottom. The Symphony double honeycomb fabric is our top insulator and blocks out 99% off the light. The low-profile headrail snaps...

  • $68.25
    1 Review(s)

    Both economical and beautiful you can spruce up your interior’s décor with the purchase of our standard single cell light filtering shades. These cellular shades built from Symphony fabric, are affordable and operate with a single string pull cord. For those looking to treat their kitchen, bathroom or living room windows, this is the perfect...

  • $97.42
    1 Review(s)

    Increase the energy efficiency of your window shades and control of the light with our single cell standard room darkening(blackout) shades. Our Symphony honeycomb fabric will reduce more than 99% of the light, perfect for bedrooms and media rooms where light isn’t welcome. This shade operates by using a single pull string. Installation is...

  • $178.21
    6 Review(s)

    Add extra value to your home’s interior with our sleek cordless double cell light filtering shades! Our cordless shades feature no dangling cords, making them 100% child-safe. The shades effotlessly operate by lifting and lowering the handle on the shade’s bottom bar. The light filtering fabric featured on these shades will provide you with...

  • $105.76
    3 Review(s)

    The standard top down bottom up double cell light filtering shade is an economical way to get the best of both worlds. These honeycomb shades have cords on both sides of the shade, allowing you to  lower from the top and rise from the bottom, leaving you in charge of your levels of privacy and light control. By lowering the shade from the top...

  • $329.71
    1 Review(s)

    Bring your windows up to speed with the latest in modern window treatment technology with motorized double cell room darkening shades. Choose from our numerous control options for a honeycomb shade that raises and lowers effortlessly and smoothly without having to pull a single cord.  A perfect addition to any modern home or any...

  • $278.00

    For the latest innovation in window treatments, look no further than our motorized cellular window shades. This window treatment allows you to operate your shades from the comfort of your couch! Our double cell light filtering motorized shades have numerous control options: remotes, wall switches, and several others. You won’t need to power these...

  • $105.76
    3 Review(s)

    For larger window openings, experience a smooth lift with our smoothy cord loop double cell light filtering shades. Because this cellular shade uses a heavy duty clutch and thick cord loop, it allows this shade to move up and down without any issues. This cellular treatment is ideal for any room in your house; it will gently filter the light inside of...

  • $137.76
    3 Review(s)

    Insulating is easy with smoothy cord loop double cell blackout shades. The honeycomb shade raises from the bottom up smoothly and quietly with a cord loop on one side. The cord loop has a heavy duty clutch and a thicker cord making it perfect for big windows like sliders. It is especially useful for larger window openings in bedrooms or media rooms, where...

  • $137.76
    3 Review(s)

    Furnish your home with standard top down bottom up double cell room darkening shades for insulation and light control. These shades block out 99% of the light, but you can also choose how to let your light in – from the top, bottom, or both! The shades operate with a pull cord on each sides that raise and lower from the top or bottom. Sleep in...

  • $176.61
    1 Review(s)

    Allow yourself all the options of privacy, view, superior insulation and easy lifting with our smoothy top down bottom up double cell room darkening shades. These cellular shades come equipped with a continuous loop cord on both sides, so you can choose to lower from the top, bring up from the bottom, or meet anywhere in the middle. The thicker cord and...

  • $206.56
    3 Review(s)

    Elegance and versatility are two qualities that make cordless top down bottom double cell up light filtering shades such a fine asset to any home. They are designed to offer child-safety, insulation, privacy, and a view; all while dressing up your windows and adding aesthetic value to the room. These Symphony honeycomb shades are controlled by a handle on...

  • $144.61
    2 Review(s)

    Make the most of your large windows with smoothy cord loop top down bottom up double cell light filtering shades. These Symphony cellular shades are designed to raise from the bottom and lower from the top, so you can maintain your privacy while still letting light into the room and keeping your view. Our smoothy cord loop lift mechanism has a heavy duty...

  • $171.41

    Enjoy the insulating properties of our cellular shades while improving your home’s interior décor. This single cell honeycomb cordless light filtering window treatment is perfect for homes where young children and pets are present. The cordless operation system raises and lowers the shade with a simple push and prevents potential dangers. The...

  • $199.76
    1 Review(s)

    Spruce up your home’s interior décor with our cordless top down bottom up single cell light filtering shades. These cellular treatments will give a soft and gentle look, while reducing your energy consumption and helping you save on utility bills. Our cordless top down bottom up single cell light filtering treatments are child safe because...

  • $94.25

    Provide your interior space with a soft yet elegant look with our smoothy cord loop single cell light filtering cellular shades. If you happen to have a wide or tall window space that’s in need of covering, smoothy cord loop shades are built to accommodate a large areas of fabric. This shade uses a heavy duty clutch and thick cord loop which makes...

  • $94.25
    1 Review(s)

    Enhance your interiors space with our single cell top down bottom up light filtering shades. These cellular shades are perfect for those who want ultimate light control and privacy, because they open and lower from both the top and bottom. The single cell light filtering fabric allows natural light to flow into the room, but cuts down on unwanted glare in...

  • $131.25

    For those with large, untreated windows, smoothy cord loop top down bottom up single cell light filtering shades might be the solution for you! These shades allow for smooth and manageable operation, and provide the end user ultimate light control and privacy. Our economical single cell light filtering fabric affords some insulation and all the beauty...

  • $197.17
    2 Review(s)

    Our cellular shades provide a distinctive look that provides the end customer energy efficiency and durability. This particular treatment is best for parents with young children or those who have pets. The cordless feature of this shade prevents potential entanglement because it raises and lowers with a simple push on the bottom rail. The room darkening...

  • $225.52
    1 Review(s)

    For rooms where privacy and full light control are needed, these cordless top down bottom up single cell blackout shades are the perfect window treatment! They will add a nice soft touch and clean look to your home’s interior. This shade is cordless, which is child/pet safe, and the top down bottom up feature allows it to open from both top and...

  • $124.72

    Provide your home with a gentle and elegant look with our smoothy cord loop single cell room darkening shades. If you have large window openings, this treatment is perfect for you. This treatment can be operated by using one hand. The heavy duty clutch and thick cord loop make this a great system for bigger, heavier shades. The single cell room darkening...

  • $124.72
    1 Review(s)

    Have the full light-blocking control that room darkening shades present, yet allow light to enter your room with the top down bottom up option. The top down bottom up feature allows the shade to be opened from both the top and the bottom. All of our cellular shades are inherently insulating because of the Symphony fabric they use, helping you save on your...

  • $163.57

    This efficient and modern cellular treatment will help insulate your home and prevent unwanted glare. Our smoothy cord loop top down bottom up single cell room darkening shades are a good solution for those with large, open windows in bedrooms and media rooms who are working on a tighter budget. It can be operated by hand and gives the end customer extra...

  • $119.00

    Skylight windows are a mesmerizing interior feature, and should be celebrated as such! When left untreated, they let heat escape from your home in cold months.   During warm months, UV rays can turn your home into an oven. A solution for your untreated windows is our Balcony basic skylight single cell light filtering shades. These shades will...

  • $188.21

    Having an untreated skylight window inside your home is a mixed blessing. While it allows you to light up your home in ways many cannot, it also lets UV rays in and allows heat to escape at the same time. The solution to your untreated skylight windows? Our balcony skylight single cell room darkening shades. This window treatment provides insulation when...

  • $197.39
    1 Review(s)

    Skylight windows are breathtaking; they add an extra element of elegance to the décor of your home.  Unfortunately, when skylights are left untreated, the sun can bring the room to uncomfortably hot levels in the summer, and heat quickly escapes through the glass in the winter. In all seasons, an untreated skylight window runs the risk of...

  • $149.05
    1 Review(s)

    One scientific fact most everyone remembers from childhood is that heat rises. Imagine all the heat that your home generates rising up and hitting your ice-cold skylight – it is literally going right out the window.  Even if your regular windows are insulated, the heat will just as easily escape from an untreated skylight.  As a company...

  • $178.23

    With a classic, refined look, these stationary cellular arch shades will surely brighten up your space.  They make an excellent companion to other shades inside your home. Since they are stationary, there are no cords or knobs – just the clean simple look of a beautiful arch. The Symphony double cell light filtering fabric will reduce...

  • $254.42

    If you have a perfect arch opening, look no further than our efficient, stylish arch shades! Our arch shades are manufactured using Symphony light filtering fabric. These shades are perfect for any room in your home where natural light is welcome! These arch shades are movable, meaning you can open and close them depending on what you light...

  • $330.60

    Arch windows are inherently unique, and should be treated so! Incorporate modern elegance into your home with our double cell room darkening perfect arch shades. These shades are movable, meaning you can open and close them depending on your light preferences. The fabric that’s used for these shades is Symphony blackout. The room darkening fabric...

  • $231.84

    Many bedrooms or media rooms have beautiful arch top windows that create a beautiful focal point, but also allow light to pour into rooms that require darkening. For those situations our stationary double cell room darkening(blackout) perfect arch shades are the right treatment for you! The fabric used in these perfect stationary arches will block...

  • $169.30

    If you have arch windows that need new treatments, our perfect single cell light filtering arch shades are exactly what you’ve been searching for! These half-moon cellular window treatments are stationary; this means they are built to stay in place.  Our arch shades will cut down glare, while providing you with insulation to help reduce your...

  • $241.72

    Illuminate your home’s interior space with our perfect single cell light filtering arch shades! These cellular arch shades can be moved, allowing you to open and close them depending on your privacy and light preferences. This fabric cuts down on glare, while adding an extra layer of insulation to your windows! This particular treatment works best...

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