Add Insulation to These Lesser Known Areas of Your Home!

We talk about the insulating qualities associated with our cellular shades quite frequently, but today we wanted to talk about other areas of your home that can be made more efficient to help you cut down on heating and cooling costs. These are lesser known areas and spaces that homeowners often overlook when it comes to insulation, but once they’r taken care of, the energy savings are through the roof!

Add Extra Insulation to Your Attic

Attic Insulation

Heat always rises. A good way to make your home more cozy and comfortable during the wintertime is to add some extra insulation to your attic. You first want to figure what the thickness of the current insulation is. If you have less than 11 inches of fiberglass, rock wool or less than 8 inches of cellulose, you should considering adding more insulating materials. Just like our shades, a well-insulated attic will prevent heat loss in the winter and preserve cool air in the summer!

Insulate the Floors Located Above Unheated Garages

If you happen to own a home that has an unheated garage, this is an easy fix. Simply seal all sources of air leakage from the floors and install an air barrier to help prevent the cold air from the garage from lessening the effect of the insulation beneath the floor. It will be so much easier to regulate the temperature of the rooms above the garage! In addition to helping your home’s R-Value, you will also benefit from reducing cross contaminants such as paint and carbon monoxide from your vehicle, yikes!

Equip Your Basement with Extra Insulation

Basement Insulation

It seems counter intuitive since heat rises, but having a properly insulated basement can help cut down your heating costs. Interior basement wall insulation is less expensive to install than exterior wall insulation, and you can use almost any insulation type. Bonus – by insulating your basement, you effectively eradicate the chance of an insect infestation! If you don’t have insulation on your basement’s exterior walls, consider reaching out to a local contractor for this particular job.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do for your home aside from treating your windows to make it more energy efficient. In fact, by using energy efficient products and insulating your home properly, you can reduce your energy bills by more than 30%! To stay up to date with news and information about insulation, stay tuned to our blog.

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