Ode to Cellular Shades – A Love Ballad

There Was a Time My Windows Were Bare

There was a time my windows were bare,
Glass eyes on the walls, with a cold, blank stare.
I could view my lawn, my neighborhood too,
But it was clear there was something I needed to do.

Through the panes my heat so quickly did seep.
As winter drew on, I shivered in my sleep.
My wallet ran dry, my savings were killed –
Poor insulation claimed my utility bills.

Meet the team behind Cellular Window Shades!

President - Kelly
President – Kelly

CellularWindowShades.com isn’t a super sized industrial building where people don’t know each other. Many of our team members are native Vermonters or have lived in this state for years. We are a family-owned company, which started with a man named Gordon, and with the help of his family, he developed great shade designs and has served others locally and internationally for years!

His daughter Kelly is the president and she is backed by a bunch of great team members. Let’s meet a few of them:

Brian is the Vice president and he works on production efficiency and making the company run smoother! Whether it’s big orders for a school, or helping train new staff, he jumps in where he can help, which is a lot of places!

Erin and Emily work on the Web Team, helping assist you with your calls, emails and orders! They love to reach out and be of genuine assistance. Erin is from Connecticut and Emily is from Vermont! There are several other members working on the team in production, but they are busy, hard at work! As always, have a great day and thank you for your business!



Child Safety With Cellular Shades


Child Safety is important to anyone who lives with or cares for a small child. Too many reports show children getting caught up in strings and cords, with unfortunate consequences. Our Standard shades come with equalizer boxes, or cord connectors: different names – same purpose! These handy little boxes, which look more like maracas, connect cord ends and come apart with slight pressure.
Maybe you have a rascal of a cat who loves to jump around and get hung up in the cords? Well her fun will soon be over because it doesn’t take a ton of pressure to detach. We also offer cord cleats which allow you to wrap your cords in a figure 8 pattern, to help keep them secure on the wall. Even if cords aren’t your worry, or even what you fancy, we have plenty of other options to choose from. Smoothy Cord loops have a rope-look and Cordless shades have no cords!

Another advantage of our cellular shades is the design of the actual shade. It is a solid finish, with no gaps and spaces. Blinds for instance, open up to let the light in, through horizontal panels, but those gaps are another hazard for a child. Not to mention, blinds are often hard to the touch made of aluminum which can cause more pain to anyone or any animal getting caught between the panels.
Our cellular shades are some of the safest shades by our standards. If secured properly, and using the best cord feature for your needs, you can be sure to have a pleasant experience for everyone in the family.

Extreme Window Treatments

If you’ve read our blog, you probably already understand how obsessed we are when it comes to window treatments. From historical treatments to treatments in art and film, we love to talk about each and every one of them. Today we want to talk about 7 unconventional window treatments that are extreme to say the least.

1. Bullet Proof Shutters

Bullet Proof Shutters

If personal security is important, these bullet proof shutters are prefect from you. They can handle the blast of most available firearms. When you think of bulletproof, who would have of thought of shutters? (more…)

Welcome to Our New Home!

We are more than pleased to announce the relaunch of CellularWindowShades.com. Our beautiful new site is the result of countless hours of work done by our small but mighty team over the past seven months. We kept the good, added new features to accommodate today’s online shopping experience, and worked tirelessly to create a site we feel is worthy of our customers and of our shades.

We’ve cleaned up the design and added awesome new tools to make navigation easier than ever.  Here are some of our new features:

  • Categorized shopping narrow your search by what specifically interests you.
  • Popular products – see what everyone else is buying right on the homepage.
  • Paypal a fast checkout to make secure shopping simple.
  • Mobile usability – our website is compatible on phones, tablets, and beyond!
  • Blog visit our blog weekly for new advice, design tips, photos, and more.
  • The good ol’ stuff – the measuring guide, installation instructions, free samples, how-to videos, glossary, and our team of customer service representatives and designers are still here, ready to give you a hand when you need it.

When we set out to redesign CellularWindowShades.com, we knew we wanted to provide the best shopping experience possible.  We still make the same top-quality shades and offer the friendliest and most helpful service around, and now we’ve got the site to match. (more…)

We No Longer Offers Replacement Parts like T-Handles, Smoothy Replacement Cords & Others

On December 25th, CellularWindowShades.com will no longer offer our customers replacements, which include T-handles, smoothy replacement cords, tassels, brackets, replacement string among other cellular shade related parts and accessories.

For the past 13 years, we’ve been offering our customers these goods. The decision was difficult to make, with the re-launch of the new CellularWindowShades.com and our re-branding; we’ve decided to focus strictly on providing our customers with the best cellular window shades in the industry. We will, however, still sell shade accessories like operating extension poles. (more…)