How to Spring Clean Your Cellular Shades

Springtime is almost here, and with the daffodils and robins also comes open windows and a spring cleaning frenzy to breathe new life into our closed up homes. Make sure your window shades are looking bright and fresh to match. All of our fabric is naturally anti-static and dust repellent, so you may never actually need to clean them. But if you do, here are our simple steps to clean Symphony brand honeycomb shades:

Ode to Cellular Shades – A Love Ballad

There Was a Time My Windows Were Bare

There was a time my windows were bare,
Glass eyes on the walls, with a cold, blank stare.
I could view my lawn, my neighborhood too,
But it was clear there was something I needed to do.

Through the panes my heat so quickly did seep.
As winter drew on, I shivered in my sleep.
My wallet ran dry, my savings were killed –
Poor insulation claimed my utility bills.

A hand-made gift from a customer!

A gift from a customer!
A gift from a customer!

One of our customers, Keith, from Firehouse Gallery & Pottery in Texas, made us this amazing ceramic vase with our Logo! We aren’t sure what we will use it for, but Erin and Emily in Web, along with others in the building are admiring his amazing talent! In a digital era, we truly value the interpersonal connection we get with our customers, and receiving this made our week!

From all of us at, have a great rest of summer, and check our our insulating shades for the cooler months!

How To Be Your Own Interior Designer, Nice & Easy!

At, we want to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. We want your home to glow with your new shades; we want you to be proud of all of your window treatments for years to come.

To help aid you in your search for new window treatments, we proudly provide free samples. Ordering free sample swatches is simple and easy to do on our site. All you need to do is check out our samples page, browse through the different options then click add it to your cart and check out. After you’ve ordered your swatches from us, they should appear in your mail in as little as 6-7 business days.

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October Means National Window Cord Safety Month!

National Window Cord Safety MonthThe Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) alongside the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is telling parents to check their window treatments for coverings that pose safety threats to young children. They are also urging parents to replace older treatments with today’s safer products.

They recommend that parents use only cordless shades in homes with younger children. The CPSC has noted that window treatments and coverings are one of the top five hidden hazards in homes in America. Toddlers and infants have died from accidental strangulation due to window cords. A large portion of these deaths have resulted from older products that never had the appropriate safety devices. (more…)

Where in the WORLD are our Shades?

Now that you’ve seen where CellularWindowShades is residing (see post), maybe you’ve wondered what other customers we supplied with window shades —

Here’s some of the more “exotic” locales



One of our latest orders was sent all the way from Vermont to JAPAN. Even sent “economy” they were quickly received — and as quickly installed! We heard some “rave reviews” from our customer. (more…)

A House…..Is Now a Home

Our customer Sonia sent in photos of a room in her new home. A bit of “before and after,” if you will.

She writes of feeling “naked” and “exposed”, especially at night. Given the wide expanse of windows (two sets of double-windows plus a double-door slider!), it is no wonder these words spring to her mind. Take a look at Sonia’s “before”:


Our eyes immediately zero in on the six “black holes”. Sonia does not say how close her neighbors are – but imagine the feeling of incomplete comfort as you try to relax and enjoy a movie on that TV…. (more…)