Making Their Lives EASIER- Shade Makeover!

Check out this winning combination of motorized shades and corded Cellular Window Shades!

Our customer Jim, his life is easy peasy lemon squeezy with our motorized shades. Our Cellular Shades run off of either a battery pack or a 12-V plug-in transformer, and can be controlled by a remote, wall switch, timer, or even with a sun sensor! Or in other words……MAGIC!

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Sleeping Issues? New Shades Might Help

A good night’s sleep is something that many of us take from granted. Those with sleep deprivation may toss and turn throughout the night; it can be very stressful waking up in the morning with little no sleep on your way to work. If you’ve gone ahead and tried the regular solutions to sleep deprivation like cutting down caffeine and snacks before you sleep, there might be another solution available to you.

Sleeping Issues