Taking Color Risks With Cellular Shades!

Sometimes customers want a specific color, and we do not carry it. Although it can be frustrating, we feel with a little planning, the right look can be achieved. There once was a customer who really wanted a grey blackout shade color for a bedroom window to match other window treatments in their bedroom. I suggested an accent shade color, one that would bring out colors in the room décor, whether it was a color in the comforter or decorative pillow, to tie it all together. Do all shades have to match at all times?

top-down-bottom-up-double-cell-light-filtering-shades (1)Don’t forget, Top Down Bottom Up shades give a different look than Standard Shades. Letting in light from both ends versus just the bottom can make for a different experience. Is the view all clouds or all grass? Colors are processed by how our eyes and brain perceive light. Light filtering shades will make a room’s ambiance more luminous, where black out shades, even if lowered to let light in, will take on a different look and feel. There are lots of factors to consider when planning a room.

Shades don’t have to be uniform. They can be diverse, vibrant, or take on new design characteristics. Look around at the paint colors, the natural lighting versus the artificial lighting. Is this room for entertaining, a baby to sleep, or for watching TV? Sometimes the mood of a room can set the stage for company, or for your everyday atmosphere. Thinking outside the “frame” can open your view to other possibilities you never thought possible. Be subtle or bold – the choice is yours!


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How to Color Coordinate a Room Without Losing It!

Interior Design Color Wheel
If you’re moving to a new home or apartment, picking out the right colors for your new rooms can be intimidating and overwhelming. You’re likely going to live in your new home for years. The colors tell others who you are – it’s a big personal statement. Today we want to help ease your mind by giving you some tips on how to color coordinate your room without losing it in the process!

Color-Changing Walls and the Power of Light

If you’re reading this indoors, take a look at the walls around you. Do you notice that some areas appear to be a slightly different color from the others, depending on which way they’re facing and how far they are from any source of light? Weird, right? And if you want to see something even weirder, check back again either in the morning or evening. I bet they’ll look more different than before!

Color is actually light that is made visible, and light, as you may know by now, shines at many different levels.

Color never does its own thing – it always relies on a light source. That’s why your walls look so different at different times of day. Both the atmosphere of the air and the quality and quantity of light in the room controls how we perceive color. So when you’re choosing a paint color for your room, it’s critical to take the surrounding light in all its forms into account.

grey colored room
I’ll spare you any “fifty shades of gray” puns, but see for yourself just how various the wall color is in this room! Every wall, every nook, is different! Source: http://lightsharehome.blogspot.com/2015/03/use-right-lighting-for-fabulous.html


Support Your Neighbors, Shop Made-In-USA!

One of the biggest reasons we are proud to be American is just the sheer amount of greatness that occurs when you support your country. And while our factory is some 2,600 miles from our customers all the way in California, we know that we are all truly neighbors. The way we treat each other and the decisions we make will determine what direction we push ourselves as an entire nation.
Which is why we would really like to take this chance to stress the absolute importance of buying products that are made in the USA. This simple act makes a world of difference for the buyer, the seller, and the economy as a whole.

What Happens When You Buy Made-In-USA

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The American Home: 1776 – Today

When you live to be 239-years-old, you’re bound to go through a few phases. And I’m not just talking about your hippie phase, your punk phase, and so forth…I’m talking about interior design phases! From the conception of the United States all the way up until this very day, household style trends have undergone some intense changes. And as with most trends, sometimes what goes around does truly come around!
In honor of the United States’ most recent birthday as well as our Star Spangled Savings Event, we’re going to take a look at some of the most poignant moments in US home décor history!

Let’s start in the late 18th century, when the US was in its infancy.

American Colonial or Early American décor was inherently practical, since resources were relatively limited. Wealthy homes featured wainscoting, natural mahogany, or wood painted in earthtones. Wallpaper remained far too expensive for most people, and your average home usually had planked wood flooring.



Easy Ways to Make Any House a Beach House!

Summer is here! And with summer come the beach and its many decorative inspirations. Who doesn’t feel at ease surrounded by shells, sea glass tones, and a light breeze? Today we’ve got some beach-inspired style tips, for whether you’re landlocked or the waves are knocking right at your door. Enjoy these mermaid-approved décor ideas this summer or all year round!

It’s the little things:

The easiest way to add a little bit of the beach to your home is to decorate with beach findings:

  • There is a LOT you can do with driftwood! Get creative with paints, or leave it plain as a statement piece above your fireplace! Screw in some hooks or funky looking dresser knobs to create a coat or jewelry rack!