Complete the Man Cave


It’s got a big screen TV, a fancy bar, a poker table and all the amenities your man could ever want. He’s most likely gleaming with joy due to his recent creation. But there’s one thing he has likely overlooked during the design process of this room, window treatments.



Most of the fun in the interior design process was picking out the flat screen, the comfy couch and the quirky posters on the wall. Window treatments were probably one of the last things on his mind when he set out to build his very own personal space. But window treatments are a vital part of the functionality of this room. What guy wants glare on his TV when he’s watching game 7 with his friends?

A man cave's, or anyone's cave's, worst enemy.
A man cave’s, or anyone’s cave’s, worst enemy.


When the man cave is built in-ground or in a basement area, we recommend black out cellular shades. Black out shades prevent over 99% of all UV rays from entering into the room. This will eliminate glare, making a better home viewing experience.

If this space is unique and is built in a garage or barn, you might want to consider black out cellular shades with the top down bottom up option. If he’s planning on working out of this area, he can let natural light in. When it’s game time, the shades go up and eliminate the glare.




Once the window treatments are installed, this room should be a complete hit with his friends and a place he can call his own. For more information about purchasing blackout cellular shades, contact the customer service team at at (877) 966-3678. And if you’re looking to add a few more accessories to your insanely awesome new man cave, check this out!

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