Keep Your Home Toasty With Insulating Skylight Shades

You were always told as a child to keep your hat on during the winter months, since heat rises. Wouldn’t the same statement apply to your home? You don’t want to lose warm heat from your home; you want to keep your utility bills as low as possible.


Why Not Invest in Skylight Shades?

Homeowners often overlook their skylight shades. Just because the cellular shades on the wall are set up properly, doesn’t mean the house is completely efficient. If the skylights are left uncovered, heat will escape. Skylight shades are a great home investment for this particular reason.

Not only will these shades decrease utility bills, they will also keep out unwanted sunlight. Say your skylights are in a living room or family room; they can distort the TV and hamper your viewing experience when they sun hits that right angle.  Shades are there when you need them.  They also protect your home from UV rays, which is especially important if you reside in a warm climate.

If you have these unique windows in your home, make an investment that will pay itself back in a matter of time. To see our skylight shades for yourself, browse our product page. We offer customers numerous options and that are available in single cell, double cell, blackout fabric and light filtering fabrics.

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