The American Home: 1776 – Today

When you live to be 239-years-old, you’re bound to go through a few phases. And I’m not just talking about your hippie phase, your punk phase, and so forth…I’m talking about interior design phases! From the conception of the United States all the way up until this very day, household style trends have undergone some intense changes. And as with most trends, sometimes what goes around does truly come around!
In honor of the United States’ most recent birthday as well as our Star Spangled Savings Event, we’re going to take a look at some of the most poignant moments in US home décor history!

Let’s start in the late 18th century, when the US was in its infancy.

American Colonial or Early American décor was inherently practical, since resources were relatively limited. Wealthy homes featured wainscoting, natural mahogany, or wood painted in earthtones. Wallpaper remained far too expensive for most people, and your average home usually had planked wood flooring.


How to decorate like it’s 1776:

1. Simplicity is key! Hang some dried herbs, or mount a candle box in the hallway. These early décor trends were functional, but charming!

2. Take a cue from nature. Wreaths or a decorative basket of apples or pine cones are classic Early American elements of design!

3. Go handmade. Nothing was mass-produced back then, so if you really want to commit to this simple yet heartfelt style, why not make stuff yourself! Get crafty and make some tapered candles! Or look for items at your local farmer’s market or woodworking shop!

Moving on ahead to the late 1800’s!

America is still a spring chicken compared to other parts of the globe, just celebrating its 100th birthday. The style for this time was influenced by décor trends found overseas. Folks were partial to the Scandinavian form of practicality and simplicity. Lots of neutral tones, strong lines, and geometric shapes in fabrics and furniture design. Rooms were light and airy, like our Alto double cell light filtering fabric! The more I researched this time period, the more it reminded me of today’s minimalist design trends.


How to decorate like it’s 1881:

1. Become a small-scale art collector! Sculptures and paintings were the main focus in rooms of this time period.

2. Be sparing with the accessories. Vases and candle holders are fine, but not much in the way of knick knacks.

3. Incorporate reflective surfaces like granite, glass, and steel.

A mere 80 years later, and we find ourselves in the wildly hip 1960’s.

How time flies! The energy that charged this decade also found its way into home décor. Home owners were into floral patterns and daring color schemes to really exercise their liberation from the stodgy ways of old. We see a mixture of natural and manufactured elements of design. Bold curves and textured fabrics replace what was once linear and subdued.


How to decorate like it’s 1969:

1. Colors. Get your greens, your blues, your oranges, and have a ball. Colorful carpets, colorful pillows, and if you’re daring enough…colorful countertops.

2. Invest in “S”-shaped and pod-shaped chairs. Seriously, how much more fun does seating even get?!

3. Flower power. Let the funk guide you, it won’t lead you astray. Let your home be thought-provoking and free!

And that brings us to today!

We are living in a highly self-expressive age of plenty, and we really do see that in the home décor of the 21st century. There is a style for everyone. Current trends range from Americana, to minimalist, to rustic, and perhaps even hundreds more! These styles are certainly influenced by the interior design elements of the past, but as technology and culture move forward, more and more unprecedented options burst into existence. How lucky are we to be able to tailor our own homes down to the very last couch cushion or customized window shade?

Living proof that you can do basically whatever you want with your decor and it’ll still look really, really cool!
There’s something from virtually every era going on in this room!
Cordless shades and drapes are a dynamic way to insulate and decorate your home.

How to decorate like it’s 2015:

1. If modernity is your thing, go for sleek looks. Keep counters and tables clear of clutter.

2. Think outside the box – mix and match furniture, arrange your artwork and photos on a gallery wall.

3. Be energy-savvy by using LED lights, efficient appliances, and of course, insulate your windows in style!

4. Decorate with the colors and looks that you love, and have fun with it!

It’ll be neat to look back at our home décor even twenty years from now, but in the meantime, celebrate your freedom to decorate as you please! And be sure to let us know if you have any questions regarding which cellular shades work best for your style tastes!

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