How to Choose The Right Skylight Cellular Shade

Balcony Basic Skylights                                 


Balcony Shades

Our balcony skylights are designed specifically for small to medium sized skylight openings. They maintain a low profile when the skylight is open. These cellular skylight treatments move along a retainer track that features two tension strings that run through the fabric to keep taught in both slanted and horizontal openings. Balcony skylight shades are a versatile window treatment, and can mount allowing the fabric to stack that the top and bottom, so it can operate side-to-side. 

Fabric Options:

Both of these cellular skylight treatments are available in light filtering and blackout fabrics. Our daylight shades are only available in double cellular fabrics. If you want something custom which isn’t listed on our website, give us a call and let us work our magic! 


Balcony Skylight Shades

Because our balcony skylight shades have less components and are smaller, they are less complex when it comes to installing them. Compared to daylight skylight shades, they are much easier to install. To get installation instructions, click here

Daylight Skylight Shades

While the daylight skylight system is more difficult to install then our balcony shades, it isn’t difficult. Should you need any help with installation, reach out to our team and let our design experts walk you through it. For daylight installation instructions, click here


Balcony Shades

Our balcony skylight shades are less expensive because they contain fewer components. 

Daylight Shades

Daylight skylight shades are more expensive because they contain more components. 

Not sure Which Skylight Shade is Right for You?

If you are still having a difficult time choosing between our skylight options, reach out to a member of the team today at (877) 966-3678. We can guide you to the perfect cellular skylight treatment for your home or commercial space! 

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