Cellular Shades for Awning Windows

In the wide world of windows, awnings are one of the more unique styles available. They are usually wider than they are tall, and are hinged at the top of the window space. They provide side-to-side airflow. Because awning windows open outward, they will not obstruct the operation of our cellular shades and are treated just the same as any regular window. 

How to Treat Awning Windows

  1. Measure the top, middle, and bottom of your window opening. Then, measure the left, middle, and right. Choose the narrowest width and the longest length. Step one, complete!
  2. Next, what fabric would you like? Double cell fabric insulates more than a single cell. Blackout blocks out 99% of the light, while light filtering lets natural light flow through softly.
  3. You're onto the final step! This is easy! Now, decide what lift option you want for your cellular shade. Sleek and child-safe cordless? Simply standard? Sturdy continuous cord? And don't forget, all of these options can be made top-down/bottom-up - perfect for windows that overlook streets!

What are the benefits of cellular shades for awning windows?

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