Bracket and Mounting Hardware For Cellular Shades

Our shades are a totally DIY project. Every order comes with all necessary brackets, screws, and any other necessary gear your cellular shade may require. For example, you may need spacer blocks to jut your shade a little further forward. We've got it all taken care of for you! See the tables and images below to get a preview of the hardware you'll be using to hang up your fabulous, energy-saving shades!


Cordless, Cordless TDBU, Smoothy, and Smoothy TD/BU

Standard and Standard TD/BU

Number of Brackets Needed 

Shade Widths

Standard and Standard Top Down/Bottom Up

Smoothy, Cordless, Smoothy TD/BU, Cordless TD/BU

Up to 40" 2 2
40" - 72" 4 3
72" - 84" 5 4
84" +  6 5

Additonal Mounting Options

 Extension Brackets

  • Available for all shade types
  • Shade bracket attaches to extension bracket with nut and bolt (included)
  • 2" Minimum mounting surface required
  • Allows for up to 3 3/8" distance from mounting surface

Spacer Blocks

  • Available for all shade types
  • Spacer block is positioned behind the mounting bracket
  • Allows for up to 3/8" distance from mounting surface

Hold Down Bracket (Endcap)

  • Available for outside mounts only
  • Endcap is screwed into surface and holds bottom of shade down
  • Ideal for doors, keeps the shade from banging when door is opened and closed

Hold Down Magnet

  • Available for outside mounts only
  • Striker plate is screwed into surace
  • Magnets come attached to bottom bar of shade

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