Cellular Shades for French Doors

Ooh la la, French doors! The beauty of this particular style of door is in the ways it elegantly frames the view on it other side and how it lets in tons of glorious sunlight. They are basically giant windows that you can walk through, which means, of course, they tend to let a lot of energy transfer through, which can run up your heating and cooling bills quite dramatically. 

But don't let the classy name fool you - these doors are just as treatable as any window! And with the low-profile headrail system of our insulating cellular shades, you'll still be able to reap all the benefits of a French door, but with more control over light and energy! Magnifique! 

Cellular shades are a great choice for French doors. Small sizes of cellular shades can be fit behind your door handles, allowing you to keep your door highly functional and insulated.

Options and Benefits:


Most French doors have enough mounting space at the top of the door, above the window panes, to mount the shades right on the door itself. If you are mounting right on the door, measure for an outside mount - instructions here. 


Installing a cellular shade onto a French door is just the same as installing on any window, nice and easy. Some French door applications might necessitate the usage of spacer blocks or extension brackets, but we have installation instructions for that as well!

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