Shutters Vs. Cellular Shades

If you aren’t able to decide between shutters or cellular shades for your window treatments, our expert team has gathered all the pros and cons, as well a comparative chart to make the right choice for your home, your office, or your commercial building.


Shutters stand the test of time when it comes to popularity and durability. They are often made with sustainably harvested wood, like basswood, they insulate fairly well, and are available in a wide variety of colors or stains. They also lack strings and are therefore child-safe.


Shutters can be rather expensive to purchase and then have installed. They are also a permanent fixture, so they cannot be removed for cleaning. They can also warp if they are in a too-damp environment, and faux wood shutters may discolor. A large amount of wall space is required on the sides of the window to open shutters fully.

Product Comparison: Shutters Vs. Cellular Shades 

Insulation Insulate fairly well, R-value of up to 3. Cellular shades add an extra layer of insulation to the window, blanketing it against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. R-value of up to 8.2.
Light Control Limited light control options as opposed to cellular shades. Slats can be moved to fully open or closed, without much wiggle room in between. On smaller windows, even when shutters are open it's hard for light to get in. This window treatment allows you to have full control depending on what you select for add-ons and fabrics. UV rays are also blocked out by the cellular shades, which will help you protect the inside of your home.
Cleanability Can be dusted when necessary or washed occasionally - though prolonged dampness causes warping. Anti-static, dust repellent, dustable, can be vaccumed, and light filtering fabric is washable!
Installation Installation can be labor intensive if done DIY style. Hiring an installer can be quite expensive. A total DIY project. Most shades need only two brackets. 
Hardware Drill, screws, phillips head screwdriver, combination square, and a folding rule are needed for installation.  All shades come with the correct amount of screws and brackets. You just need a pencil and a drill!
Ideal Use  For homes and cafes. Shutters provide a historical feel to windows. Perfect for home, the office, dentists, etc. They offer comfort, privacy, and style.
Shade Stack "Wingspan" depends on the size of the window. 2-4" (rail and fabric)
Durability  If they don't warp or yellow, they do last a long time. Built with the most durable materials on the market, designed to last 15+ years.
Energy Efficiency Window shutters are energy-efficient window treatments. There are two main types of window shutters – interior shutters and exterior shutters. Both can help reduce heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter. During the colder season, well-adjusted cellular shades can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more, which equates to about 20% heating energy savings. During the warmer season, cellular shades can reduce solar heat through windows by up to 80%, reducing the total solar gain to 15% or less.
Warranty  Depends on where you purchase the shutters and what warranty the manufacturer has. We offer a 10-year warranty!

The winner is...

It was close...but cellular shades are without a doubt the big winner. The versatility, durability, insulation, and ease of installation make our shades the all-around more useful and popular product. To learn more about these all-star shades, get in touch with a member of our team today!

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