Compare Cellular Shades

Compare Our Shades, Not All Cellular Shades are Built the Same!

Our Symphony cellular window shades are so energy efficient, they will pay for themselves over in time! We’ve seen that in a Vermont without any air conditioning, these shades take about two years to pay for themselves. If you factor in air conditioning, they would pay for themselves in less than two years. If you reside in a different part of the country where you have greater heating and cooling costs, your savings will be even more! How cool is that? 

Look below, we’ve gone ahead and compared our Symphony cellular window shades to Graber and Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades: 

Chrystalpleat™ FacetsApplause™Duette™ ClassicSymphony™ Double Cell
Polyester Fabricspun-lacebondedbondedbonded
Color To Outsidewhitewhitewhitewhite
Cord Lock Operationoutward pulloutward pulloutward pullinward pull 
Design Selection3468
Cord Lock 3669
Maintenance 3679
Ease of Repair4779
Bracket System4779
Durability 3579
Overall Rating 3679

Ratings (10=perfect)

Our shades outperform our competitors. To learn more about our cellular shades and to see our fabric in person, we encourage you to order fabric samples to see the quality of our fabric for yourself.

Dutte and Applause are trademarks that are owned by Hunter Douglas. The Symphony trademark is owned by Comfortex, Inc and Crystalpleat is a trademark that’s owned by Graber. Our ratings system is strictly subjective to the opinion to the team at

Symphony Shade R-Values are listed on our R-Value page.

*Note: Our operating mechanisms and lift options like Cord Loop, Top Down Bottom, Standard, Cordless do not affect the energy efficiency of the shade. Fabric, however, has a large impact on the energy efficiency rating of our shades.