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Compared to standard window treatments, cellular shades provide you with amazing features and benefits. Check out our chart to make a clearer decision on what’s best for your home, apartment, office, or commercial building.

Bracket Stainless steel, low profile, front-loading Plastic with rear tightened set screw Our brackets are less visible, much faster, and easier to install or remove, and the bracket will not get brittle and break over time.
Cord Tightly woven 1.2 mm .9 mm Our cords are 63% stronger. They are tested past 10,000 cycles whereas .9 mm cord is only tested to 5,000 cycles.
Cord Lock Delrin Force-distribution bearing to re-direct cords Plastic angled ribs to re-direct cords. The Delrin Force-Distribution cord lock allows the shade to lift easier. The cord will last longer because the system prevents grooves that create friction and an uneven bottom rail.**Derlin is a crystalline plastic that preferred for moving mechanical parts
Fabric Bonded Polyester Spun lace Polyester Bonded polyester is made like paper whereas spun lace is made like cotton candy, which allows air particles to flow through.
Fabric Sealed Sealed on both sides Not sealed By sealing our Fabric there is a reduced airflow through the fabric to it offers greater insulation and stays cleaner longer. It is easy to clean because stains stay on the surface.
Bottom Rail Self Leveling Not Self Leveling If the bottom rail goes out of the level, the homeowner can easily correct it so there are no service calls required.
Hardware System Fully Submersible Not submersible Our shades are designed to be fully submersed and washable. (Note: the cordless system is not submersible)
UV, Heat & Moisture Resistant Our shades are not affected by the three elements that most commonly destroy window treatments: moisture, heat, and UV rays.
100% UV elimination When Our shades are lowered they eliminate 100% of damaging UV rays

Limited Lifetime Warranty

(Even 10 years for cords!)

Our shades carry the most comprehensive warranty. They are covered for virtually anything except willful misuse.
Draw cord lock Inward or Outward draw cord lock Outward draw only

In situations with tight returns, the cord lock can be made to draw inward for easier locking.

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We're here to guide you every step of the way to finding the perfect fit for your home & style. We eliminate the guesswork when buying cellular shades online. We help you find which cellular shade right for you. During the online consultation or estimate, we help determine the best window treatments for your needs and budget. We encourage you to take advantage of our experience, knowledge, opinions & ask questions.

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