How to choose the right cellular shade fabric for my window


Type of room

We find that many people choose the type of fabric based on the room that they are buying for.

  • For bedrooms, media rooms and children’s bedrooms, black out fabrics provide the light blocking and privacy that you need for a sound sleep or to immerse yourself in your favorite movie! Blocking out 99% of light, the black out fabric can be paired with energy saving side tracks for the darkest room.
    *Studies show that our bodies get better sleep in a dark room. This is especially true for people that work the night shift or live in areas that the sun shines into the night time. Black Out shades with side tracks provide superior darkening over conventional window treatments.
  • For Living Rooms and Offices light filtering fabrics are often the way to go. They reduce glare and still offer energy savings. They are perfect for cutting down glare on TV and computer monitors.
  • For Kitchens and Bathrooms, we recommend our light filtering fabric. It lets in soft, natural light and easy to clean.

Consider the time of day that you use the room.

  • Light filtering fabrics provide privacy and will not allow people to see in. Strong lighting from the interior may allow people to see silhouettes of items or people close to the window, but otherwise provide plenty of privacy. See photos below.
  • Black out fabrics will not allow passersby to see light from inside your house and blocks the light from the outside from coming in. Adding the top down bottom up option will transform a standard black out shade to one that can still allow in some light and maintain privacy.

We frequently get the question, how much can people see in and out? We’ve taken some photos of one of our team member’s shades at home to show you!

How much visible light does a shade allow in?

All of our cellular fabrics filter nearly 100% of UV light, which helps protect your furnishings and family!

The amount of visible light that Light Filtering shades allow in really depends on the color of fabric that you choose. Although all light filtering fabrics are white to the exterior, the interior color may affect how much light enters the room. If you purchase a white shade, you will have more light in the room than one that is for example, Dark brown to the interior. Request free fabric samples so that you can hold them up to the window and see how much light the color you love lets in!

All blackout shades block 99% of visible light. Adding the side track system will block the light gaps that are present with a shade that does not have tracks. The foil within the cells not only blocks light, but it helps block the outside air off the window surface from entering your room. The foil is not visible from the interior or exterior of your room. Black Out shades are always white to the outside.

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