How to Choose the Right Shade Fabric for Your Window

A good first step in choosing your fabric is to consider the room being treated! 

Blackout Fabrics

For those looking to add cellular window treatments to bedrooms, media rooms and children's rooms, we always recommend that our customers choose blackout fabrics. Blackout cellular shades will block the light out of your room, while giving you the privacy that you need. Sit back and enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep with our blackout cellular shades! 

Studies have indicated that our bodies receive a better night’s sleep in a dark room. This is especially true for those who happen to work late night shifts or reside in an area of the country where the sun is bright during the night. If you’re a parent, you can agree that the later your kiddos sleep in, the better it is for you! 

Light Filtering Fabrics

Kitchens, living rooms and offices work perfectly with our cellular light filtering treatments! This fabric not only reduces glare and provides insulation, they also let natural light into your home. Our light filtering fabric will make your home feel warm and inviting! 

How Much Visible Light Does a Shade Allow In?

Every one of our cellular shades filters out 100% of the UV light. This means our shades will help protect artwork, furniture and most importantly, your health! 

Blackout Fabrics:

Our blackout fabric blocks out 99% of all visible light! It is impossible to see through our blackout fabric from both the outside and inside. Blackout cellular shades use a special foil that creates the blackout effect and provides you with insulation. For those looking for complete darkness, this is the fabric option that’s perfect for you! 

Light Filtering Fabrics:

The amount of light that these cellular window shades let in is very much dependent on the color of the fabric that you pick out. When you look these treatments from the outside, they will appear white. To see how much light will enter your room, we recommend that you order free fabric samples and hold them up to your window! 

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