How to Clean Our Cellular Shades

Our cellular and honeycomb shades are designed to please the eye. They are also very durable and can be cleaned easily. The non-woven, bonded polyester that we use repels dust and is inherently anti-static. To keep your cellular shades bright and full of color, we recommend that they are occasionally dusted or vacuumed.

Cleaning Blackout Fabrics

These types of fabrics can be dusted with a soft, clean cloth, or vacuumed with a soft brush. If you wish to spot clean, use a sponge or cloth that’s dipped in lukewarm water with dish detergent and lightly dab the fabric. It’s important when you clean blackout fabric that you do not scrub the surface. Complete submersion is not recommended.

Cleaning Light Filtering Fabrics

Like the blackout fabrics, light filtering shades can be dusted with a soft, clean cloth, or vacuumed with a soft brush. Stains and spills can be blotted with a cloth or sponge. Larger stains or cleaning jobs may require soaking in water with mild soap or cleaning agents (ie Simple Green). If you plan on cleaning this way, remove all honeycomb shades from the window and soak in warm water as long as necessary. 

Other Cleaning Recommendations

  • Do not submerge the cordless or motorized headrail in water. 
  • To dry your honeycomb shade, either lie it flat or hang it back in the window, tightly stacked to maintain pleat retention.
  • If your cellular shades are in a bathroom, we advise opening them after showering, if possible, to let the humidity escape.
  • While our cellular shades are designed to stay clean, please note that if you live in a home with a wood stove, mold, and the like, you’ll want to watch for smoke particles or mold buildup on the shades, especially the window-facing side. These cellular window treatments may require more frequent cleaning.

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