Custom Cellular Window Shades USA

Shop online for the best custom cellular window shades for your office, retail store, or home. Take a look at our variety of fabric options, colors, and operation systems. All our cellular window shades are are easy to install and made in the USA. Call us for a quote, get commercial discount and wholesale prices on large quantity orders and fast shipping everywhere in the United States.

Less popular than curtains and blinds, cellular shades have had a regain of popularity for commercial owners and homeowners as a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of their space while significantly lowering their energy bills. However, it might happen that you don't find the perfect cellular window shades that will fit your windows in our vast selection, that you have window with unusual measurements or shape. We are proud to offer custom made cellular window shades that are designed and manufactured with your specific needs, requirements, and measurements.

Custom Cellular Window Shades Features :

  • Window treatments : Outside mount and inside mount
  • Operation Systems : Standard, Standard-Top / Bottom, Continuous Cord, Continuous Cord Top / Bottom, Cordless, Cordless Top / Bottom, Skylight, Arch Shades, Side Track, Motorized, Hard-to-reach
  • Colors : Gardenia, Snow Cap, Almond, Raffia, Latte, Marina, Sea Mist, Midnight Blue, Cypress, Coffee Bean, Night Sky
  • Fabric Options : Blackout, Light Filtering, Double Cell, Single Cell

Why should I buy custom cellular shades?

When you buy custom cellular window shades, we guarantee that each custom cell shade will fit your window perfectly, but also that it comes with vast array of benefits for both you and the space in which they will be installed.

  • Energy efficient : The honeycomb pattern of cellular shades traps air before it reaches the inside. Regardless of the season, energy savings increase as the need for heating or air conditioning reduces.
  • Sound absorption : As it captures air, custom cellular shades also help block out sound. Double cell cellular shades are particularly effective for this purpose. If you are located in noisy areas or heavily trafficked streets, sound blocking will increase the peace and quiet in any residence, retail store, hospital, or school.
  • UV Protection : If you are thinking about getting cellular window coverings for your hotel, restaurant, or nursing home, having cellular shades will also protect your customers and residents from harmful UV rays. They will also protect the furniture by preventing them from fading and cracking by being exposed to the sun.
  • Child Safety : You want every member of your family to be safe; this is why we provide you with operation systems that are safe for children to use, to avoid unfortunate accidents.
  • Superior Insulation : Cellular shades have also this incredible quality to insulate and reduce the temperature transfer that is happening in a window (whether it's preventing cold air from coming in or going out, or preventing warm air from coming in or going out). They help to maintain a pleasant temperature in any room, all year long.

All our customized cellular window shades are manufactured in our factory in Vermont, United States, with high-end and durable materials, that will last many years before fading and cracking. Also, they are incredibly easy to install, hiring a technician for the job will not be necessary. Not sure about the color your want for your space? We offer you the opportunity to order up to 10 free sample swatches to help you choose the perfect color that will match your needs.

You can have custom honeycomb window treatment in any place that requires window coverings.

  • House
  • Retail Store / Commercial Space
  • School / Daycare
  • Hospital / Clinic
  • Nursing Home
  • Supermarket / Grocery Store
  • Hotel / Motel / B&B
  • Car Dealership / Garage
  • Apartments / Condos


If you need more information about our custom cellular window shades, our services, and our prices, all you have to do is to contact us. Our team will be pleased to answer all the questions you may have. Call us today for a quote and obtain fast shipping everywhere in the United States.

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