Cellular shades for nursery

Are cellular shades’ a good choice for a nursery?

Whether you are expecting your first or third baby, having to create a room for a new child can be a magical and stressful project. Today’s nursery room decor isn’t all about color coordination, finding the perfect accessories or the perfect crib, and changing table settings. It is also to create a practical and safe environment for your baby. Cellular shades offer you this opportunity to add a durable window treatment that is both safe and will promote better sleep for babies.

Cellular shades help your baby sleep better

Since most children by the age of two have spent more time sleeping than waking and doing other things, sleep is the most important and vital part of good health for babies. With good sleep, your baby will be happier and healthier. 

Cellular shades have great insulating features: they will keep the cold out during winter and the heat out during the hotter season. Therefore, the room temperature will remain balanced, contributing to improving your baby’s sleep quality. Also, cellular window treatments have amazing noise reduction capacity. Their honeycomb construction will help reduce some of the outdoor noise from coming into your home.

In addition, cellular shades provide your baby’s room with UV protection, which reduces the furniture’s discoloration and the glare when entering the room. If you want to offer the ultimate comfort and peace to your baby or child, blackout fabrics are a perfect choice.  They will block the light from outside, during nap time and during the night.

Cellular shades are safe for babies

Our cellular shades are built to be resistant, durable, but also safe for nurseries. We provide you with a variety of lift options to protect your baby when crawling and walking starts. Tangling cords from a window shade can be very tempting and seen as a toy for babies, but they can be very harmful. For your nursery, we recommend cordless cellular shades and even motorized cellular shades that will give you full control over your cellular window shades.

What are the benefits of cellular shades in a nursery?

Manufactured in the United States, our cellular shades are made with high-quality materials, made to last for many years. You can also have your nursery cellular shades custom made according to your measurements and requirements. If you are not sure about the fabric and the color that you want, you can order up to 10 free sample swatches to find the perfect cellular shades for your nursery.

Check out our selection of nursery cellular shades features:


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