Cellular shades for basement

Are cellular shades’ a good choice for the basement?

For most homes, the basement gathers extra bedrooms, storing space, a family or TV room, and an extra bathroom. Finding the right window treatment for your basement can be puzzling, you worry about the extra humidity, the light, and the different rooms you have to install them in.  Fortunately, cellular window shades have a myriad of features that will make them extremely useful in the basement.

First, their honeycomb structure allows them to trap hot and cold air, therefore creating an insulating barrier to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. This insulation also makes them energy-efficient cellular shades that will make you save money of your energy bills. 

Are cellular shades’ resistant to humidity?

It is normal for a residential basement to be slightly more humid than the rest of the house. Cellular shades are built to be durable and to be resistant to humidity and moisture, without developing mildew.

Can cellular shades fit on smaller basement windows?

Cellular shades can be built for windows on any size, even in the basement. You can have them customized by sending us your measurements. We also have cellular shades for oddly shaped windows like arches, trapezoid, and eyebrow windows.

I have a home theater and a TV room in the basement. Which cellular shades would you recommend?

If you wish to watch your favorite show or have a movie night with family and friends, we recommend the blackout cellular shades for your TV room or home theater. Not only will they completely block the light from entering the room, but they will also reduce the glare on the TV screen, especially if you have a flat-screen TV. Blackout cellular shades can also significantly reduce the outdoor noise, leaving you in a peaceful environment to fully enjoy your TV room.

What are the benefits of cellular shades in a basement?

Manufactured in the United States, each of our cellular shades is built with high-quality materials, made to last for many years. You can also have your basement cellular shades custom made according to your measurements and requirements. If you are not sure about the fabric and the color that you want, you can order up to 10 free sample swatches to find the perfect cellular shades for your basement.

Check out our selection of basement cellular shades features:


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