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Have specific questions or need advice about our cellular window treatments? Browse through some of the frequently asked questions below and get advice and helpful product-based information.


I have a small child. Which cellular window treatment works best for me?

If you have a small child or pet, we recommend that you purchase “cordless” cellular shades. This will protect your children or pets from becoming entangled. Learn more about child safe window treatments here.


How do cellular window treatments impact the efficiency of my home?

Our cellular shades have an R-Value up to 4.7. You might be thinking, what does that mean for me? This means our honeycomb shades have the capability to cure icy windows and keep warm rooms cool. Actually, our window treatments will help you save on your utility bills year-round.


Why should I use cellular window treatments? Can’t I find a cheaper alternative?

You can read how some of our products compare to other treatments here. To be short, the cellular shade material that we use is the best in the industry. You can find a cheaper alternative elsewhere, but it won’t be as durable and long-lasting as our treatments. While other retailers use treatments that are built to be replaced, ours stand the test of time.


Do you take deductions for your cellular shades?

Yes, for some shade orders. This has been done to make sure your cellular shade covers your window correctly. You can learn more about what we do for deductions here.


I’m trying to identify a specific part on my shade and don’t understand what the name of it is, can you help?

Of course! Follow our link to our parts identification page where all of our basic cellular parts are listed next to pictures of each image.

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