Child Safe Window Treatments

Believe it or not, there are many items inside your home that may be health hazards for your children. Did you know that window treatments can be one of these hazards? Here at, safety is the first and foremost concern that we have for our customers.

The window treatments shades that we sell are called “Symphony Shades.” In every way possible our cordless shades are 100% child-friendly. They are stylish, provide your home with extra insulation and also will give you the peace of mind that your children are safe. Michelle Graveline-Welch of says “We are committed to child safety. Symphony Shades offer a durable cordless cellular shade that provides safety and ease of operation. We continue to develop solutions that improve child safety in window fashion.”

The cordless option can be operated with just a small push or pull on the bottom of the shade’s bar. This option is available in numerous styles, light filtering and blackout. The only configuration that isn’t available with our cordless lift option is double cell blackout. Another lift option that we have that is child friendly is out motorized shades. Motorized shades have no exposed strings, many different control options and is a more modern alternative then our cordless cellular window shades. 

Should I Replace My Existing Treatments?

If you have children in your home and have window treatments that have exposed strings, we highly recommend that you replace your shades with safer alternatives. This might not be financial feasible for everyone. If you can’t replace these window treatments; make your window treatments safer by adding cord cleats and cord tensioners. 

Cord Cleat

Make your existing solutions child-safe with the use of cord cleats. All excess cord needs to be woun around, this will help prevent any potential entanglement.    

Cord Tensioner 

When you purchase our smoothy cord loop cellular window shades, a tensioner comes with this purchase. Be sure to keep the cord fastened against the window's frame or wall. 

Other Safety Measures to Take

You should always prevent access to cellular shade cords by keeping your furniture away from your home’s windows. If cord exists from your existing window treatments, be sure to secure them against the wall. Check out our blog post on preparing a child safe nursery!

For more safety information and advice, contact the customer service team at (877) 966-3678. We can help you make an informed decision to protect your family.

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