Cool Cellular & Honeycomb Window Shades

When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing like walking into a cool room. Each year around June, we start to hear from customers in the South who are experiencing a significant amount of heat inside their homes.

Many of these customers have just moved in their new house, or are renting a brand new apartment. They usually think their windows and skylights are amazing features until they realize that they can turn their home into a greenhouse. In warm months, windows let the heat in, but they don’t allow it to escape.

We have a solution for this issue: cellular and honeycomb shades!

It has been proven that cellular and honeycomb fabric can significantly reduce solar gain. In some instances, they can almost completely eliminate it.

Our window and skylight shades are available both in blackout and light filtering options. Both of these fabric options are white to the exterior, this means they don’t attract heat. On the inside, you can pick whatever color you want.

  • Light filtering fabrics are perfect for rooms where you want to trim the heat and prevent UV damage, but allow some light in. You don’t have to have a dark room to keep it cool!
  • Blackout shades block 99% of the light and incoming heat to the room. To get an understanding of how well they perform, check out the photos below.

How do cellular shades block the heat?

Cellular shades are generally considered to have the highest R-values of all window coverings and treatments. The air pockets in the honeycomb cross-sections act as insulators, increasing the R-value, thus, reducing the conduction of heat through the window.

How to block heat from windows?

When it’s cold, we talk about the convection current from cold weather. To stop this from affecting your home, the cellular shade sits on the window to keep cold air from entering from the outside.

Because heat rises, it’s best to open the shade from the bottom to prevent solar gain. However, the best way to keep heat from entering the home is to keep the honeycomb shades closed altogether. If you decide to add sidetracks to your shade, it will:

  • Increase the overall efficiency of the shade by bridging any leftover gaps.
  • Block more light as long as blackout fabrics are used.
  • Block more heat from entering the room from your cellular shade’s sides.

How to block heat from skylight windows?

Skylight windows are a great way to bring in more light to a dark room such as a kitchen or a bathroom. However, given the location of skylights and the time of the year, they catch the sun’s high-angled glare and can easily overheat a room.

You have the opportunity to add cellular window treatments to effectively create a barrier that will block the heat and keep your home cool. Their honeycomb design is specifically designed to provide heat insulation. They will keep the heat out and reduce your energy bills.

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