About Cellular Window Shade Deductions

People sometimes wonder why we take deductions for some of our shades. These deductions are necessary to make sure that the cellular shade covers the window properly; you don’t want the shade to hang up on the window’s frame. We’ve gone ahead and laid out our rationale behind the deductions for different types of shades. These have been time tested; so send us your measurements and we will take the necessary deductions.

What is a deduction on window treatments?

A deduction is a small fraction of fabric that is sometimes cut out during the manufacturing process to make sure your cellular window treatment doesn’t scrap the inside of your window frame.

Inside Mount Shades Without Sidetracks

For honeycomb insulating shades that are ordered as an inside mount without sidetracks, the fabric and rails are 3/8” narrower than they are ordered. This is done to make sure that both the shade and the end caps fit within the window’s frame.

Inside Mount Shades With Sidetracks

Cellular shades that are ordered with sidetracks, both the fabric and the rails are cut 7/8” narrower than they are ordered. This 7/8” is the space that’s taken up with the sidetracks and the end caps. If shades are mis-measured or the window's frame isn't a perfect square, small light gaps may exist. 

Outside Mounted Shades

Honeycomb shades that have been ordered as outside mounts will have no deductions on both the fabric and rails. These will be cut to the exact size that’s ordered. This means that with end caps the whole unit will be slightly wider than it was ordered. We suggest that you order the shade larger than the glass you are covering, to ensure full coverage.

Questions or concerns? Contact a member of our design team to get further help with deductions. Our phone number is (877) 966-3678.

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