Parts Identification for Cellular Shades

Looking for a specific part for your cellular shades? Check out the images below to identify the part that you’ve been searching for. Most of these parts are from current cellular shade models, while others are from past models. doesn’t sell parts if you need help tracking down parts for your shades; contact your local Cellular Window Shades retailer. 

Standard and Top Down Bottom Up Bracket

The stainless steel standard and top down bottom up bracket have been designed to withstand the test of time. When it’s exposed to sun and UV exposure, it doesn’t deteriorate as other brackets can. The blinds snap into place quickly and efficiently. The low profile allows for minimal light gaps entering your home. This is the bracket that is used for our standard and top-down bottom-up cellular window shades.   

Cordless and Smoothy Cord Loop Bracket

Stainless steel cordless and smoothy cord loop brackets have been specifically designed for long life. This bracket does not deteriorate when exposed to the sun. Your cellular shade snaps into place, making installation and removal a breeze. The low profile minimizes light gaps along the top of the rail. This particular bracket comes with our smoothy cord loop and cordless shades. 

Older Style Cordless/Continuous Cord Bracket (used prior to 4/2010)

Featured on older cordless, motorized, Omni-Rise cellular shades, this was used on these models prior to 2010. 

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