Roller Shades Vs. Symphony Cellular Shades


They do a good job offering multiple options when it comes to light control. Depending on where you purchase these shades, they can be of great value. Roller shades are also available in many colors, which allows the end customer to match their interior décor.


Compared to other window treatments, these shades offer little resistance when it comes to insulation in the cold weather. In older styled roller shades, light gaps often will pose a problem to the end user, which can cause trouble for rooms where light is unwanted.

Product Comparison: Roller Shades Vs. Symphony Cellular Shades


                                                                     Roller Shades                                              Symphony Shades 

InsulationInsulate, but don't provide as much barrier as cellular shades do between the window and the room.Helps keep both the cool and the heat inside the room. The cell shades will act like a blanket and will help you save on your utility bills throughout the year.
Light ControlLimited light control options opposed to cellular shades. Operates by moving up and down. There are numerous light filtering and blackout options to pick from.This window treatment allows you to have full control depending on what you select for add-ons and fabrics. UV rays are also blocked out by the cellular shades, which will help you protect the inside of your home.
CleanabilityCan be vacuumed or dipped into a cleaning solution.They are dust resistant, and light filtering shades can be washed with ease. 
InstallationInstallation is fairly easy, like cellular shades brackets will need to be positioned where the roller shade is mounted.Installing these shades is very easy. They usually need two brackets and need to be positioned when they are mounted.
HardwareDependent on the quality of the shade and where it's purchased from.They come with high quality stainless steel brackets.
Ideal Use For commercial settings to cover large untreated windows.Perfect for all interior windows. They provide the end customer privacy control, insulation and light control.
Shade StackDependent on the manufacturer. 2-4" (rail and fabric)
Durability Roller shades are durable and long lasting.The fabric has been designed to last an excess of 15+ years.
Warranty Depends on where you purchase the roller shade and what warranty the manufacturer has.The fabric comes with a limited lifetime warranty of 10 years.

And your winner is..... Our insulating cellular window shades because of their amazing durability and insulation properties! To learn more about these shades, contact a member of our design team or get fre samples to see our fabric in person.