Window Quilts Vs. Symphony Cellular Shades


Like cellular shades, window quilts have excellent insulating properties. They seal the window on all four sides, which minimizes the transfer of air. Because of their insulating properties, they also do a very good job at reducing noise, especially for those living in urban environments.


Window quilts are difficult to install and require significant amount of maintenance. Some of this maintenance usually includes placing the quilt back on the track when it falls off. Window quilts also tend to get stained very easy with water. Over time, they can be quite pricy compared to other window treatments.

Product Comparison: Window Quilts Vs. Symphony Cellular Shades


                                    Window Quilts                                        Symphony Cellular Shades 

 InsulationLike cellular shades, they do a great job when it comes to insulting a home which helps homeowners save on utility bills year round.They keep heat and cool air in the room. They act almost like a blanket and will help you save on utility bills year round.
Light ControlWindow quilts do a very good job at blocking out the light. However, this window treatment doesn't do as good as a job when it comes to letting the light in. This window treatment gives you complete control over the light depending on what fabric you select. UV rays are also filtered, which can help you protect your furniture.
Cleanability Not easy to clean. Stains are almost impossible get out of these treatments.They are dust resistant and can be both vacuumed and washed (light filtering).
Installation Requires specific window configuration and installation can be quite demanding.Very easy to install, can be installed in a matter of minutes.
HardwareDependent on the material that’s used.Quality stainless steel brackets.
Ideal UseFor interior windows in the winter time in colder climates.For all interior windows and for privacy, insulation and total light control.
Shade OperationThe quilt is naturally heavy, so it can be difficult to lift for some.Easy to move up and down. Comes in heavy duty cord loop and cordless options.
Shade StackBulky roll that can be 4” to 6” in diameter.
2-4” (rail and fabric)
Durability Fabric has been designed to
last an excess of 15+ years.
 Fabric has been designed to
last an excess of 15+ years.
Warranty Dependent on the retailer.Comes back behind a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Winner Is....

Symphony cellular shades! Due to their low maintenance and insulting features. They are surprisingly easy to install and have a long shelf life. Window quilts have their purpose and place, but it's in our opion that cellular shades are a significantly superior product.