Frequently Asked Questions about cellular shades

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What’s our return policy?

Our cellular shades are custom-built by hand, therefore we cannot accept any returns.  All sales are final. If you are unsure about measuring, we have you covered with our Measuring Safeguard. This Safeguard is a way of protecting yourself in case you make any measuring mistakes. We always encourage our customers to double-check their measurements as errors do happen. It’s also important to read through your order carefully before you place it.

What happens if I receive damaged merchandise?

If you receive an order with goods that appear to be damaged due to an error on our end, we will replace your order as long as you contact us within 5 business days of the date you received this order. Damaged orders outside of this time frame are subject to the discretion of the team.

What happens if I need to change my order?

All of our orders begin the production process the day they are ordered. If you wish to change your order after it is placed, please contact us ASAP. We will do our very best to change your order as quickly as we can, but sometimes orders cannot be canceled or changed once the order begins the production process.

Can I get free samples?

Here at, we offer our customers free fabric samples so that you can appreciate the beauty of our colors and the quality of fabric before you order. To get your free samples, simply visit our free samples page.

Color accuracy

While we do our best to portray our colors accurately, colors will vary. Many colors and textures cannot be displayed properly on computer monitors. This is why we advise our customers to order free samples before they place their order. 

What’s the production time?

Because our shades are crafted by hand, the estimated production time for a standard cellular shade order is typically 10-15 business days. If your order is particularly large or complex, it could take a little longer.

Sales tax

We collect sales tax for orders delivered to Vermont or New York. If the sales tax doesn’t show on your order, we will contact you and process the sales tax separately.

How does the payment work?

All of our cellular shades are custom made. Before we make your shade, we must have payment. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and PayPal. Our shopping cart is secure and all data that is transferred is encrypted. If you would prefer to order via phone, you can do so. Any orders that are taken on the phone require written verification from you before we process this order. This can be done through e-mail, snail mail, or FAX.

Can I wash my shades?

You sure can! Our cellular shades are not only beautiful, but they are designed for durability and easy cleaning. Although our fabrics repel dust and are inherently anti-static, they might sometimes require feather dusting or vacuuming to keep the colors bright.  Light filtering shades can be fully submerged in water to be washed. Blackout shades can be spot-treated.  For more information, visit our how to clean shades page.

Are cellular shades safe for children and pets?

When it comes to choosing window coverings for homes with children or pets, safety is the top priority. Our cellular shades are available with cordless and cord-safe operating systems to eliminate danger at the window. Even top down bottom up openings on large windows or doors can be outfitted with options that enhance safety for your kids and pets.

What are the inside mount and the outside mount?

The mount is the way you will hang your window treatment, either inside or outside the window opening. Inside mounts are mounted inside the window opening that is recessed from the wall. They tend to provides a clean look and are probably the most common way to hang blinds today. The minimum window sill depth for an inside mount varies depending on the product. The depth required for each product is listed under its specifications.

Outside mounts hang outside the window opening and are mounted either on the wood frame or above and beyond the wood frame. They are ideal for doors, for windows with obstructions (such as security-system hardware), or for windows with a very shallow windowsill depth that would make an inside mount impossible. An outside mount can also be used to make a window appear larger or to hide an unattractive window.

What are the main benefits of cellular shades?

They are energy efficient (saving money is always nice), they are easy to install and to clean, they come in a variety of colors and fabrics (blackout and light filtering), and they can fit on most window styles (skylight windows, arch window, eyebrow windows).

What is opacity?

Opacity is the amount of light fabric will let through. Materials that are opaque, and block all light, are referred to as “blackout.” Light-filtering products will glow during the day and allow some light to come into the room while still offering privacy. Transparent and solar products will preserve your view to some degree, but will not provide privacy.

What is top-down/bottom-up and what are its benefits?

The top-down/bottom-up feature offers versatile light control and privacy. It allows you to raise your shade from the bottom as well as from the top. You can lower the top of the shade to let light and maintain privacy below, or just raise the bottom as with a traditional shade.

What is cordless lift control and what are its benefits?

This popular option has a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord and allows you to raise or lower the shade easily. This removes the possibility of tangled lift cords. Many cordless products are considered a safer option for homes with children and pets.

What are the differences between light filtering and blackout?

Light-filtering shades allow sunlight to diffuse gently through the fabric to illuminate the room without glare. Blackout shades are built to block all light from entering the window. These two options block damaging UV rays and help protect your furnishings.

Are cellular shades waterproof?

Cellular shades have a peculiar structure that facilitates the creation of air pockets in between the layers of fabric. While this structure offers some extent of natural propensity to prevent moisture penetration, most of the regular cellular shades can withstand moisture and humidity, like in a bathroom. However, this depends on the material used in these shades. There are variants of these shades available in the market that make use of water-resistant fabric.

So, if you are buying shades for your kitchen or the bathroom that are constantly exposed to moisture, the cellular shades with water-resistant fabric can be a good option.

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