Cellular Shade Repair Information and Service

Occasionally a string will break on your cellular shade or a clutch may fail. This can happen whether you purchase your cellular shade from us or your local dealer. Don’t fret if this happens to you, we can help! Cellular and honeycomb shades purchased from CellularWindowShades.com come with a 10 year warranty for normal wear and tear. Browse through our warranty information.

Cellular shades that haven’t been purchased from our website or that are outside of our covered warranty will incur repair charges. We encourage you to try and bring your shade to the original place of purchase first, but if this isn’t possible, we are here to help! We will charge you the repair costs below plus actual return shipping costs (UPS Ground) from Vermont.

Our Repair Pricing

  • $38 Standard 
  • $56 Duofold 
  • $44 Continuous Cord Loop Shades
  • $65 Continuous Cord Loop Duofold 
  • $56 Cordless 
  • $65 Cordless TDBU 
  • These prices do not include shipping costs

Here at CellularWindowShades.com we put an emphasis on sustainability. The more shades that we can repair, the less waste will end up in a landfill. 

We know we're never supposed to say "Can't" or "Won't", but trust us- in the cases listed below you don't want us to repair your shade. So if your shade meets any of the criteria below give us a call and we'll figure out the best solution for you!

  • When the cost of repairing your shade is more than ½ the cost of replacing your shade.
  • When your shade is made by a manufacturer that’s different from Comfortex
  • We do not repair shades that are over 10 years old.

Adding Sidetracks

We retrofit shades to accommodate sidetracks only when an order is recently placed but you perhaps forgot to include the tracks with that order. D'oh! If you want to add sidetracks to the order, let us know and we'll set up your Service Request. There is a retrofit charge of $78 sidetrack fee + $65/hour labor + shipping both ways if you go that route. 


Please make sure that you have our brand cellular and honeycomb shade. We cannot repair Bali, Graber or Levelor shades! Although we can repair most shades purchased from our site, we reserve the right to refuse a shade that was not manufactured in our facility, is deemed unrepairable due to age, has discontinued parts or is broken due to abuse. We are not responsible for replacing shades damaged or lost in shipping.

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We're here to guide you every step of the way to finding the perfect fit for your home & style. We eliminate the guesswork when buying cellular shades online. We help you find which cellular shade right for you. During the online consultation or estimate, we help determine the best window treatments for your needs and budget. We encourage you to take advantage of our experience, knowledge, opinions & ask questions.

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