Block Out the Cold with Cellular Window Shades & Energy Saving Side Tracks

With this winter's frigid temperatures, homeowners are focusing on their windows, to make their homes more comfortable. Unfortunately, windows account for the majority of a home's energy loss. Savvy homeowners have used cellular shades for years to provide an excellent insulation layer against the cold. Now, with new energy-saving side-tracks, they can improve that performance by an astounding 22%.

These unobtrusive side channels work wonders with double honeycomb shades to provide a complete four-sided sealed barrier to heat or cold. They are energy efficient, they are easy to install and to clean and can be installed in all types of window (skylight, eyebrow, bay window, bow window, arch window)

"The Energy Saving Sidetrack System is an elegant solution to reduce consumer heating and cooling costs," stated Michelle Graveline-Welch, of "In essence, these shades pay for themselves and they make your home significantly more comfortable and less expensive to run.

Insulating cellular shades lower energy costs and make homes more comfortable all year round. Cellular shades are made of durable, lightweight fully washable fabric in a unique design that creates an effective thermal barrier against heat loss and gain. They are available in a wide range of colors, won't fade in the sun, and block out 100% of UV rays, the major contributor to fading of home furnishings.

Take a look at our measuring and installation videos to make sure you get the right fitting for your brand new window treatments. You can also pick your colors, find some design ideas, and ever order free samples to get a better look at what you can get! 

If you have any questions about cellular shades or energy-saving sidetracks, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert technicians will help you find exactly what you need!

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