Marriages trending later in life: What to gift at the wedding?

Shopping for already nested couples? Help out with home décor and needed repairs instead of dishware and bedding.

Winding up at lots of weddings for the over-30 crowd? According to recent figures by the U.S. Census, more couples are putting off the vows than ever before, with the marrying age for women jumping from 20 in the 1960s to 25 today, and the average age for men at 27, up from 22.

There may be benefits to waiting, but even savvy shoppers can end up without a clue on what to buy the already-nested couple that has plenty of home goods. The last thing newly betrothed couples want is piles of duplicate appliances.

As marriage age shifts, so does the ideal wedding gift, and many retailers are finding shoppers looking for ways to help newly married friends with major home investments instead of the old classics of flatware and linens.

Here are some ideas retailers have for later-in-life wedding gifts:

- Interior Design: Buy a session with an interior designer, feng shui expert or décor consultant for your relatives or loved ones to help them re-start on the right foot.

- Prepay for an energy-saving home improvement, like cellular window shades, to help with money-saving long-term investments.

- Purchase a gift card at a nearby hardware store or department store for couples who may be facing major fix-it jobs, or encourage engaged friends to register at stores with home improvement products.

- Collaborate with several friends to chip in and buy one major home purchase, gift card, or home improvement cash-equivalent as opposed to several small gifts.

Some companies like even have deals that cater to wedding gifts, and offer the buyer a cost-savings for large purchases.

"We talk to many couples who are taking the next step in their relationship and shopping here - often their first investments together are in smart home purchases,” said Kelly Conklin, online sales agent for

“Helping out with those essential household needs fills a big hole in the budget for new couples,” she said, and added that has special discounts for wedding gifts.

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