Save a Bundle on Your Baby’s Room

It's that time of year when tummies bulge and families look towards making room for the new addition.

While conventional baby room decor was less concerned with air filtration or choking hazards than color coordination, the new era of practical design means that improving the looks of a spare nook or room can also benefit baby's health and safety.

The fun, like wall color and lighting is great to start with, but it can be easy to miss the major savings in properly shading and insulating the windows of a nursery - which take up a large footprint of space in a small room.

A few smart purchases with many functions and long-lasting durability will make the difference in designing with growth spurts in mind. Decorating baby's room may be a big project, but don’t worry, you won’t need to deplete the college fund to get the job done.

Design with continuity, say experts, and keep the "big picture" in mind when purchasing. Window treatments can coordinate with bedding and flooring.

Keep window decor simple - swags, balloon shades, layered drapes and cascades might not be the way to go and could interfere with the activity level of children. The simpler the window treatment, the more likely it can grow along with the child's room and decor.

It is easy to reduce airborne allergens, dust, and toxic chemical exposure by choosing the right child-safe shades. Cellular shades are great at reducing dust and allergens, and are durable enough to withstand scrubbings.

Bright colors are eye catching, and window coverings come in almost any color, but staying with neutral tones on the windows and using stronger colors on walls and bedding allows more flexibility to change in time or, in the case of first-timers, allows for do-overs.

Save money by investing in energy-saving shades. Well-made cellular shades will keep the cool air in during summer months, and keep the drafty cold out in the winter. Energy tracks along the sides of the window allow for extra savings of 30% thanks to the federal tax credits.

Remember to put safety first. While window shade cords have been mandated to be child-safe since 1995, why risk it when cordless is a sleek and eye-pleasing option? offers free color swatches and cordless shades for child-proof room decoration.

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January 7, 2004                              
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