Windows are a Big Opportunity to Cut Summer Air Conditioning Costs

Today's energy shortages and coming warm weather have homeowners looking for ways to heat and cool their homes much more economically. Windows account for 10-25% of a home's energy loss so that is an excellent place to start economizing. Assuming it costs about $1,300 to heat an average American home, that's up to $325 going right out the window. Cutting energy loss through windows can save far more money than turning off unneeded lights.

Insulating cellular shades can lower energy costs and make homes more comfortable all year round. A well-tested product, Symphony Cellular Shades are made of durable, light weight fully-washable fabric in a unique cellular design that creates an effective thermal barrier against heat loss and gain. This keeps homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer while reducing the strain on heating and cooling systems. Available in a wide range of colors and fabric styles, cellular shades are UV stable and block out 100% of UV rays, the major contributor to fading of home furnishings.

To operate effectively it is most important that each shade be made to precisely fit each window. Trouble free measuring instructions, a downloadable measuring form, design ideas, colors and prices along with free samples are available on the web at Consumers may order online using their secure server.

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