Measuring Guide for Energy Saving Side Track System

Measuring for Side Tracks is very similar to the regular measuring process, but with a few extra precautions.

If you are adding Energy Saving Side Tracks to your window shades, always measure the window’s diagonal measurements. This is the top right corner to the bottom left corner and the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Doing this will help you figure out how square your window is.

If your diagonal measurements are within 1/4" of each other, then your window is square enough for sidetracks! If your diagonal measurements are different by more than 1/4", you will need to shim your window to make it square before you can install the tracks.

Width: To measure for width, measure the inside measurement from left to right at the top, middle and bottom. Be sure to write all your measurements down, then circle the narrowest measurement.

Length: When measuring for length, measure the entire distance from the top of the window at the still to the bottom at the left, middle and right. Write down all of your measurements and then circle the shortest.

Once you have all your measurements written down, check and see that your three widths are within 1/4" of each other. If the widths are too different, you will want to shim any uneven parts to make them closer in measurmenet. Otherwise, there will be gaps between the fabric and the tracks, and no one wants that!

Always double check, and if you’re still unsure, triple check your measurements!

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