Energy Saving Sidetracks


When searching for window treatment options for your home or commercial space, take a moment to consider improving the efficiency of your windows. The ComforTrack Plus energy efficient sidetracks not only help make your room more comfortable by blocking drafts, they also block small light gaps between the window frame and window shade. This sidetrack system pays for itself. Throughout the year, you’ll see reduced utility bills and increased comfort – in the winter heating AND summer cooling seasons. It's important to note, that once a shade without sidetracks is ordered, additional costs will incur for retro fitting the shade. 

Available Lift Options:

  • Standard,
  • Top Down Bottom Up
  • Smoothy Cord Loop
  • Cordless (Available with sidetracks in light filtering only.)

Easy to Install:

  • Peel tape from first magnetic strip to reveal the adhesive backing.
  • Attach this magnet to the window frame.
  • Place the magnetically-backed sidetrack over the strip!
  • Innovative end caps, specifically designed for the bottom rail, slide over the sidetracks for smooth movement when raising and lowering the shade.
  • Shade fabric is notched to fit over the track. The shade's bottom rail is fitted with specially-designed endcaps.
  • Tracks are made of durable, high-tech plastic.
  • Sidetracks increase privacy and room darkening by closing off the light gaps between the sides of the shade and the window frame.

Minimum Sidetrack Mounting Requirements:

Standard and Standard Top Down/Bottom Up:

Smoothy Continuos Cord Loop and Cordless:

Shallow Inside Mount

1 1/2"1 5/8"

Flush Inside Mount

2"2 1/2"

  • The ComforTrack Plus energy saving sidetrack system is for inside mount applications only. 
  • The widest width of the window cannot exceed the narrowest width of the window by more than 1/4" in order for the entire length of the shade to fit properly with the track.
  • Sidetracks ordered in Cypress and Cinnamon while come with white end caps.
  • Sidetracks are not available with motorized shades or single cell fabric.