Hold Downs Brackets for Cellular Shades

Hold Down Brackets and Magnets for Outside Mount Cellular ShadesIf you're purchasing a cellular shade that’s going to be installed on a moving surface, like a door, you might want to consider hold down brackets or magnets. These are most often used on shades that are mounted on the outside of a window or door frame. The brackets or magnets secure both ends of the bottom rail to prevent the shade from “banging” up against the door when it opens and closes. This will preserve both your cellular shade and the frame of the door, making opening and closing simple without any unwanted interruption.

At CellularWindowShades.com, we provide either of these options to our customers at no charge! If you think you need them, just click the applicable box on the product page and we will send them to your doorstep along with your order!

PLEASE NOTE that these require holes in your end caps (for brackets) or bottom rail (for magnets), which we will drill during production. Therefore, it's best not to order hold downs if you don't intend to use them!

If you have any additional questions about our hold downs, feel free to reach out to one of our designers at 877-966-3678 or through our contact form

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