Inside Mount Vs. Outside Mount: What's the Best Treatment Option for Me?

A lot of customers during the window treatment purchasing process have questions about the installation of their shades. One of the most frequently asked questions is “which option is best for my living space, an inside mount or an outside mount?” Before we answer this question, we want to give you a little background information about the options and the differences between the two.

              Inside Mount 

Most of the window treatments that you’ll see are typically installed as an inside mount. When you choose this type of mount, it will be installed in the inside portion of your window frame. Homeowners typically find this more visually appealing than an outside mount. An inside mount is usually preferred in an area where the appeal is more important than complete lighting control, like in a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, or entryway.

For windows mounted on the inside, we take a 3/8” deduction to ensure the shade with end caps fits within the window’s frame. When you are measuring for an inside mount, measure the window's width at the top, center, and bottom.

After you get these numbers, circle the narrowest measurement and use this measurement when placing your order. We always recommend that you use a steel tape to measure; this will decrease the chance that you make a measuring mistake. If you do make a measuring mistake, you'll be covered by our Measuring Safeguard for most of our cellular products. 

             Outside Mount 

You might have guessed what an outside mount is; they are just what they sound like! Outside mounts are installed on the outside of the window's frame. While this look isn’t considered as visually appealing as the inside mount, they block out more light than an inside mount.

If you’re looking to decrease the light in a den, home theater or bedroom, this is the mount type you want to choose. Doors typically work well with outside mounted shades, you can even use hold down brackets to keep the window shade in place. If your shade happens to have no sill, you will need to measure at least 1 1/2" longer then the bottom of the window (from point A to point B). 

Tip for Outside Mounted Shades:

When many homeowners measure their outside mounted shades, they realize their windows aren't square. During this process don't worry, your outside mounted window treatment can hide these imperfections. 

Inside Mount or Outside Mount? Contact Today

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Pros and cons of inside mount and outside mount

Now that we have covered the design and structure of inside mount and outside mount, here are the pros and cons of each to help you make a final decision.

Pros and Cons of Inside Mount


  • Inside mounts offer a sleek, built-in appearance.
  • Inside mounts make it easy to get exact measurements.
  • Inside mounts maintain the functionality of deep window sills.


  • Inside mounts may block some light and view when fully opened.
  • Inside mounts need deep window frames.

Pros and Cons of Outside Mount


  • Outside mounts are extremely polyvalent and can be installed on almost any window.
  • Outside mounts can cover unappealing window trim.
  • Outside mounts can make your windows look much bigger.


  • Outside mounts may be more difficult to measure and to get the right fit.
  • Outside mounts may be more difficult to install depending on the mounting surface.

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