Window Shade Control Options


There are numerous options available when it comes to choosing custom cellular window shades for your home. Take a moment to browse through our lift options. Should you have any additional questions about our shades, reach out to a member our team and don't forget to ask for your free fabric samples!

Standard Shades

The default lift type that comes with your shade. Standard shades are ideal for smaller windows and for those that are budget conscious. Pulling on the cord raises and lowers the shade. The child-safe cord connecter prevents children and pets from becoming entangled in the cords.

  • Minimum Width: 8”
  • Maximum Width: 84”

Duofold Aka Top Down / Bottom Up Shades

Shades with this feature provide some privacy for rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Lowering from the top also allows more light control and prevents the cool air from entering the room below at the sill.

  • Minimum Width: 12”
  • Maximum Width: 84”

Continuous Cord Loop Shades

This is the heavy duty mechanism. It is ideal for large shades (wide or long) and shades that will be mounted out of reach. The cord loop is replaceable in your home, making repairs more convenient. Cord loops are available in lengths from 2’ to 12’.

  • Minimum Width: 14”
  • Maximum Width: 108”
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Continuous Cord Top Down / Bottom Up Shades

This highly durable lift option combines thick continuous cord loop pulls with moveable top and bottom rails for control of light and privacy. Cord loops are available in lengths from 2’ to 12’.

  • Minimum Width: 24”
  • Maximum Width: 110”
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Cordless Shades

The clean look of no strings is preferred by some customers. This lift type is also designed for those that want a more child safe solution for their shades.

  • Minimum Width: 19”
  • Maximum Width: 84”
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Cordless Top Down / Bottom Up Shades

Sleek and versatile, this shade is operated by a clear acrylic tab on the moveable top and bottom rails to allow light and privacy control as well as child and pet safety.

  • Minimum Width: 19”
  • Maximum Width: 84”
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Motorized Shades

Ideal for hard to reach shades and operating a group of shades at one time. Operate the shades by 1 channel or a 5 channel remote. Options include a battery pack or transformer.

  • Minimum Width: 30”
  • Maximum Width: 96”
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