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Cellular Window Shades - value priced Symphony Shade window treatments

Cellular Window Shades

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Cellular Window Shades

Proven Savings on Cooling and Heating Costs

The ComforTrack Plus sidetrack system is available for a 2013 Tax Credit

Did you know that 10-25% of your heating costs is wasted on heat seeping out of leaky windows?


It costs about $1,300 to heat an average American home, that's up to $325 going right out the window! Energy Smart Symphony Cellular Shades control drafts at the source to keep homes at a constant temperature for longer periods of time. Less stress is placed on furnaces and air conditioning units, slowing wear and tear and promoting fuel and electricity conservation

housecombo02 housecombo02

See how heat (shown as yellow, orange and red)
is lost through uncovered windows.

Compare R-value by Fabric Type

Shade Only

Single Pane

Double Pane

Triple Pane

Double Cell Light Filtering





Double Cell Light Filtering with Tracks





Double Cell Black Out





Double Cell Black Out with Tracks





Single Cell Light Filtering





Single Cell Black Out





Note: Single Cell shades are not available with side tracks

The Truth about Energy Loss


See for yourself with thermal photography. This series illustrates a common weather scenario a cold night with actual room temperature around 68 degrees F.

thermographic photos symphony shades

These 3 pictures were taken of a window in Vermont using an FLIR IR camera. You can see that the glass temperature went from 28 degrees at 8 pm with no shade to 61.5 degrees with the shade down but no side tracks (9:13 pm) to 64 degrees with the shade down and with side tracks in place (9:16 pm). The shade in these photos uses our Double Cell Black Out fabric.

When down, the shade is sitting on the sill so it is interrupting the convection current thereby reducing that heat loss; and this kind of difference in temperature gradient certainly affects radiant and conductive heat loss. This amazing temperature difference will make the room significantly more comfortable - and save you a lot on your energy bill as you will not be driven to raise the thermostat.

Symphony Cellular Shades insulate 3 ways:

  1. Fight Convection: Seals gaps that may exist between the window and window frame, blocking the natural airflow and keeping warmer air inside during winter and outside during summer.

  2. Fight Conduction:  Energy Smart Cellular Shades create an effective barrier between the glass window and your room, preventing heat transfer with the non-woven polyester fabric and double-honeycomb cell structure.

  3. Fight Radiation: Symphony andBlackOut Cellular Shades trap heat between the window and the closed shade, making your room more comfortable. 

Add the ComforTrack Plus Sidetrack system


If you want to save even more, look into our energy saving side tracks which seal around your window, and saves an additional 20% on average on your heating and cooling costs than shades without tracks.ComforTrack Plus Sidetracks effectiveness has been verified by the Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings CARB. Learn more.


Cellular window shades

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Cellular Window Shades

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