A House…..Is Now a Home

Our customer Sonia sent in photos of a room in her new home. A bit of “before and after,” if you will.

She writes of feeling “naked” and “exposed”, especially at night. Given the wide expanse of windows (two sets of double-windows plus a double-door slider!), it is no wonder these words spring to her mind. Take a look at Sonia’s “before”:


Our eyes immediately zero in on the six “black holes”. Sonia does not say how close her neighbors are – but imagine the feeling of incomplete comfort as you try to relax and enjoy a movie on that TV….

I well recall taking a walk in my little neighborhood — and seeing a family trio seated, watching TV. From the outside, the image of them was like three bumps on a log (in truth, the couch!). They seemingly sat, staring out the window — it was the changing colors from the TV screen that gave away the clue to the TV being situated below the window. I’m sure they never noticed me out on the street; I couldn’t help but look in on them.

Sonia’s next picture illustrates that even with the rest of the room still in flux, the shaded windows “truly make our home more cozy”. Sonia’s reaction? “The effect is amazing!”


Sonia promises to send some new photos, once the room’s soft goods are decided upon and installed. We can’t wait!¬†Our Team at CellularWindowShades.com is grateful that Sonia shared her story with us. We hope this will encourage others to share!! We would love to hear from you.

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