Blackout Shades?

We’ve had a number of people with questions about black out shades, so today a brief little talk about this option.

Black Out fabric comes in a dozen colors (click on the “Shop Shades page”), from creamy Gardenia to the vibrant colors of Cypress and Marina. There’s even Coffee Bean and Night Sky for you ‘earth-tone’ lovers! All colors have the same neutral off-white to the exterior, for a uniform look no matter your interior color scheme.

Black out fabrics are great in bedrooms. Street lights, security lighting, even the sun’s rise in the A.M. are all nicely blocked out. And with the inclusion of side tracks (the ComforTrack system), even the light-gap to the sides (inside mount applications) disappear.

Nowadays, of course, its the media room that grabs the black out shades. Great for that “movie theater experience”.

Black out shades also provide just that much more insulating value: the shade itself has been designated R-4 — add that to a window and you start seeing R-values climbing upwards towards R-8 — especially if you install the ComforTrack system in conjunction with the shade. Wow!

By the way, take a look at some *new* data we’ve posted on our website: The room in the photos had a window that started out at 28 degrees! Yow! Look how the surface temperature warmed up once the shade was pulled down:


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