Where in the WORLD are our Shades?

Now that you’ve seen where CellularWindowShades is residing (see post), maybe you’ve wondered what other customers we supplied with window shades —

Here’s some of the more “exotic” locales



One of our latest orders was sent all the way from Vermont to JAPAN. Even sent “economy” they were quickly received — and as quickly installed! We heard some “rave reviews” from our customer. (more…)

A House…..Is Now a Home

Our customer Sonia sent in photos of a room in her new home. A bit of “before and after,” if you will.

She writes of feeling “naked” and “exposed”, especially at night. Given the wide expanse of windows (two sets of double-windows plus a double-door slider!), it is no wonder these words spring to her mind. Take a look at Sonia’s “before”:


Our eyes immediately zero in on the six “black holes”. Sonia does not say how close her neighbors are – but imagine the feeling of incomplete comfort as you try to relax and enjoy a movie on that TV…. (more…)