Curb Migraines With Blackout Shades

We’ve had a few inquiries from customers dealing with migraines looking to block the light out of their life during these unfortunate episodes. According to, nearly 13% of Americans deal with migraines. This means you likely know someone that deals with them on a regular basis.

Dealing With Migraines

One of the most universally known ways to dealing with a migraine episode is to create a light-free room, as those with migraines have a heightened sensitivity to light during their episodes. For those who have experienced migraines, simply pulling your covers over your head won’t provide you with immediate relief. You need complete darkness.

Block Out the Light With Blackout Shades

Take control over how the light enters your space; you want a light-free room in your home where you can relax in darkness during an episode. If the room has any sort of sheer window treatments that allow natural light into the space, you’re going to want to remove these immediately. Blackout window treatments will provide you with complete control of the light.

Blackout Shades

When you’re episode free and you want natural light to flow the space, simply open up the treatments and let the light shine on through! When you’re in the middle of dealing with your symptoms, raise up the blackout shades and you’ll see that they blackout the light providing you with much needed relief!

Add Extra Light Relief With Sidetracks

Even blackout shades let a very small amount of light into your space because of the small opening between the shade and the window’s trim. Luckily, there’s a solution to this: sidetracks. Sidetracks will aid in removing light from your space. They essentially create a seal around your window from top to bottom, which, when installed properly, blocks out 100% of the light. In addition to the aforementioned light blocking features, sidetracks also provide you with more insulation, helping you reduce your environmental footprint!


The next time you’re in the midst of an episode, ensure that you have proper light control in your private space. Think blackout opposed to sheer window treatments. To learn more about our honeycomb shade’s blackout capabilities, reach out to a member of the team today and we can give you more information about how our window treatments can help you!

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